September 18, 2020

A Letter to the Women who Shame & Criticize Me—I See You.

Dear you.

You are a facet of me, and I am a facet of you.

You are a woman.

So am I.

You are your own kind.

I am my own kind.

We are the same, yet so different.

You don’t know what’s happened on the life path I have been walking; I certainly don’t know your path either.

You don’t know what my soul longs for.

You cannot fully grasp me because I am not you—you see?

Please don’t shame me for my sense of empowerment, my exposed skin, and my love and passion for pole dancing—I have never loved anything more than a pole before. Perhaps you find my outfits triggering—my wild soul. But, shaming me or trying to bring me down for being different than you—that’s not what female empowerment should be like.

If I—or other women—don’t make sense to you because we are different than you, it’s none of our business really—it’s yours.

Dig deep and reflect on how you are living your life.

Why would a woman who is different from you trigger you?

What can you learn from the experience, instead of shaming, naming, blaming, or criticizing? Especially, when you were not asked to give any constructive criticism.

I see you, though.

I have been when you are now, and it felt lonely.

I felt alienated from myself.

I lived life according to other people’s beliefs, conditioned from my past.

But you see—I was never happy that way.

It was not me.

I did not feel my body.

I was not living in an embodied way.

I was detached from my soul’s essence and it hurt me—so bad—for a long time. 

Now I’m finding my way back home to myself.

And I am giving my soul—the woman within—anything she needs to be wild and free unto herself.

I am happier now.

I am inspiring others to quit living their bubbled lives and search for more meaning—whatever that means for them. 

I am motivating others to become more aware, while they encounter their inner shadows.

Sometimes it’s not easy, even for me.

I have decided that no one will stop me from my path because I know who I am at my core. 

And to me, it’s all magical and perfect, even with my imperfect ways.

I am learning every day to love my body better; to love my mind and soul as equals.

I am a deep woman, with deep thoughts.

I’m educated.

A woman with a lot of life experience.

I’m still learning.

Perfect and beautiful in my imperfections.

I am healing myself at the deepest layers; a journey you have no clue about because you did not live my wounds—I did.

I know what I need to make myself complete and whole.

The woman in me is passionate, beautiful, magical, a priestess, and mystical; she is wise, genuine, and loves with a deep and soft heart.

If we trigger each other, it’s time you learn your part, and I learn mine.

I am not here to make you or anyone, regardless of their gender, comfortable.

I am here to create, to express my being, and live my best life—in the most authentic way that suits me.

Find your magical life and create it the way you want.

Thinking differently than another woman does not give you the right to put them down with sh*tty comments or cruel advice.

The sooner we understand our unique spirits the better.

As for me, I know where I am going and I am aware of every step I am taking.

If I make mistakes, those are mine to own and learn from.

I feel fulfilled in the way my heart is blooming into 1000s of colored petals.

Even my mom, 65 years old now, finds my provocative pictures sexy. 

My mom might be healing through me, ever since I decided to break the chains of past conditioning within my family lineage and chose to be “the black sheep” instead. Though there are people who see me as a black sheep, I see myself as a unicorn.

I am proud to be me.

Now that I’m learning to parent myself and my inner child, I feel more fulfilled.

I love me.

I hope you learn to love yourself, too. Love yourself in your own way—shadows and all— instead of projecting your fears onto other women.

Let’s help each other rise.

And if you can’t, sit and observe with curiosity.



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Read 4 comments and reply

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