September 10, 2020

272 Words to help you Get Out of a Funk.

I know you’re feeling like crap.

I know you want to lean into it—embrace the darkness. Let your negativity spread like a virus (too soon?).

I know there are some days when you can’t just “snap out of it.” When the feelings are too much and you need to hide away. I know there are times when you can tell yourself it’s okay to not be okay.

But today, today is not one of those days.

Today, it seems like the whole world is feeling down, too. Like there’s something lingering in the air that’s weighing heavy on our shoulders.

Today, you are going to open that toolbox you’ve collected over the years, and you’re going to do everything you know you need to do in order to help yourself feel better.

So, put on your favourite iTunes playlist, and sit back. Because kid, you know how to get yourself out of this.

Get into something cozy. Put a big scarf or blanket over your lap. Make a warm cup of tea—herbal, English Breakfast, or turmeric.

If you’re in an office, take off your shoes; no one will notice. If you’re at home, wear your most fluffy socks and slippers. Or if it’s a hot day, open a window and let the cool breeze in.

Listen to your favourite band. Or my favourite band: the Airborne Toxic Event, and the song, “Hollywood Park.” It is soul-quenching. Maybe rock your head back and forth a little. Maybe get up and dace.

Reach out to someone. Text a friend. Call your mom. Tell a stranger on the Internet how you are feeling—there are forums for literally everything.

Revisit old journals from happier days. Or read about the times when you felt sad—because it will be a reminder that you can come out of it.

Write in your journal. Write an article and share it so that maybe someone else who is feeling this way today too will resonate.

Find a way to move. Go on a bike ride or a run through your nearest park. Or do some soft stretches on your bedroom floor with soft music.

Watch a comedy special or listen to a comedy podcast. Especially if you’re alone right now, it will feel like you are surrounded by long-time best friends.

And go easy on yourself. This is a difficult time for everyone, all around. But you’ve been here before, maybe in a different way, and look how far you’ve come—how far you’ve come in spite of all of it.

“The light saved me when I was drowning but the darkness taught me how to swim.” ~ Unknown


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Read 16 comments and reply

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