September 30, 2020

Full Moon in Aries & other Planetary Shifts: A Heavy Mix Teaching us Patience. {October 1st & 2nd}

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


A more detailed piece: How we can use the Full Moon Energies of October to Manifest our Best Life. {October 1 & 2}


This year has been intense and life-changing for many.

Individuals have been asked to focus inward and work with an antagonist mix of goals—remaining motivated and active while staying grounded, patient, and calm at the same time.

Not everything has to do with the sky and the dance of planets—but this Aries Full Moon is however set to be remarkable.

With a wild blend of energies ruling our sky for October, we may all feel stretched or exposed to a deeper layer of our own healing and self-development.

More truths will be revealed—both individually and collectively.

What are the key shifts that you should know about?

The full moon in fiery Aries reminds us of the wisdom of patience, cautious daring, and wise forward movement. Even if we may start and feel anxious, or even bored with an apparent lack of big changes, newness, or shifts in our lives, we are being invited to ground ourselves, not become reactive or impatient. It is certainly not the time to be impulsive. Therefore, Aries fire will have to be mastered within first as we approach the full moon.

The current energies invite us to find joy, power, and grace right here, right now, in the present moment. We may feel that something is brewing but it is not necessary to do only to fill the void—embracing the present in all its beauty and uniqueness, seeing it as a gift, and awaiting to see what will actually be revealed could be the wisest approach right now.

“The present is all we have, yet it is the one thing we will never learn to hold in our hands.”~ Madeleine Thien

Deep down, this is also an invitation to love ourselves and others to a more profound degree. By witnessing everyone exactly as they are, without expectations and fantasies, but in the truth of their light and wounded aspects, we learn unconditional love which is most importantly seeing and accepting others as they are—even if this is not what we need, want, or expect of them.

In addition to this Aries full moon, Mercury, the planet ruling our thinking and perceptions, enters the powerful, deep, and investigative sign of Scorpio—adding another layer to this serious tone that we were feeling.

The mind becomes even sharper, more persistent, ambitious, specific, and profound in its ability to get to the core of an issue or situation. Revelations of secrets, taboos, or clandestine situations could amplify at this time.

We desire to address deeper questions or truths and unearth important facts. Let’s be careful, however, to not try and find “deep questions or issues” where there is actually no reason to dig out or nothing to “reveal.”

Lastly, Saturn is turning direct, still in the sign of Capricorn, helping us wrap lessons we’ve been learning since December 2017. This is a powerful and auspicious shift—ensuring that the setbacks and struggles that we have experienced in the past three years have reached a place when it’s unnecessary for us to receive more of such lessons to pass these specific tests. In other words, we’ve had enough. We’ve acquired much wisdom under our belts and this won’t be taken away even if some heaviness is now being lifted away.

“I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.” ~ Alexandra Elle

This being said, Saturn is now square Mars. This combination is powerful but hard to handle: we are invited to integrate seemingly antagonist principles, such as fear with courage, assertion with control, impulse with discipline. This tense configuration may bring more frustration, inner conflicts, and irritation to the mix. Individuals could feel torn between a desire to forge ahead and the realization that something is blocked or seemingly paused for now.

We are learning to keep moving without seeing our rewards instantly—we are learning to embrace the slow and steady action that helps to build, but for the long haul.

The highest way to integrate such energies is by remaining motivated and inspired, even if what we seek has most likely not yet manifested fully.

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in your mind.” ~ David G. Allen

So, how to make the most of this time?

>> Deepen and intensify your grounding practices: yoga, nature, somatic work—reading and writing work perfectly for me, for instance, by helping quieten the mind, be still, and enjoy the present moment.

>> Trust the process of your journey right now: do not force action and steps if it doesn’t feel aligned. Most likely, the right action doesn’t have to be taken right now, and it will come back to your mind and soul.

>> Use this time to work on responding to external circumstances and triggers instead of reacting to them. Discover new ways to self-regulate, pause, and allow your body and nervous system to settle down. You may unearth powerful self-care and self-love tools as we navigate these shifts. Inward times always help us become more intimate with ourselves. And when such shifts have implemented within, the wisdom acquired can never be taken away.


More about this full moon: Aries Full Moon: It’s Time to Come Home to Ourselves & Heal our Wounds. {October 1}


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