September 6, 2020

How we Learn to Dream amidst Chaos.

Often I catch myself wondering, what really is the true essence of dreaming?

Does it involve a grand escape from reality? Does it reflect a sense of anxiety and wanting to fix things? Does it involve immense positive scenarios that are just too good to be true?

More often than not, it’s a combination of all of the above.

We would give anything to not wake up to reality and deal with real-life stories. Everything is always rosier in dreamland. But that is hardly ever the solution for anything.

But we should dream, definitely.

We should dream of infusing our present with motivation, so that we don’t plot escape plans.

We should dream of flushing out negativity from our life and filling it with realistic hope.

But amidst dreaming, we should learn to embrace life in its chaotic character. You cannot dream of a better version of your life until and unless you have met chaos. And chaos takes a different shape and form in each person’s life. There is no set definition for it.

You ask a young student about this and you’ll get an insight into all the rusty sides of school life for them. It can be ranging from disrupted school routines to cancelled plans to boring family obligations. A young child sees chaos with the most innocent perspective, they see chaos as a temporary issue that life will solve. If they had to experience a setback in studies or activities, they truly believe it will be different tomorrow, a new day with new chances.

Then you ask an adult in their 20s or 30s what chaos is. They will probably give a larger list of chaotic disruptions in life. From missing out on excellent opportunities in studies or career, to having to face heartache on a personal and relational level.

In this age, chaos is caused by life’s unpleasant turns, unplanned tragedies, and unexpected obstacles. Any adult in this stage of life has been through some challenging situations that have changed the filter of their perspectives. For them, this chaos is life-altering and something that a new day can’t rewrite. So they deal with it by handling it each day with a new outlook.

Then you ask a middle-aged person or a senior citizen about chaos, and they will say worldly things like, “life is temporary and our outlook is permanent.” To some extent, living life on earth for so many decades makes one wiser and calmer. Makes us value one good thing and not focus on the other innumerable bad things. At this age, chaos is a seasoned guest who visits them every now and then, and they just happen to handle the changes with utmost care and understanding.

As we grow older, life envelops us with a lot of experiences, and we find ourselves trying to keep the positive experiences close to us. And when chaos brings with it any sadness or grief, we may panic.

But we should dream, definitely.

We should learn to keep believing in all the beautiful opportunities that tomorrow will bring.

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