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September 24, 2020

When Fear Rises

When fear rises and is trapped within.

It rises as high as its able from the hidden point deep inside.

Where does it come from?

Where does it lie?

Beneath the surface, its sits and lays

It rises up, no longer able to hide

It shivers and quakes

Sometimes slow to rise

It begins to surface as anxiety on high

It can no longer stay hidden from sight

What is this thing

Where did it come from this time

What is the secret behind this time

what lays beneath this facade

Oh the fear of being seen and heard

The layers of regret remorse that drain

Tlayers of keeping peace in vain

The disguise of lies from a life hidden in the past

The place of the wounded young heart

The long-kept secrets doubts and lies

The belief in brokenness through a long life

The journey of clearing but never meeting the pain

The fear always kept as a sentinel to hide the broken ways

The brokenness long since packed deep away

Covered over by the layers and years of pain

Finally all to much to bear

Coming back full circle to complete despair

A young heart shattered in pain

Trust broken never to fully heal

As a young girl’s maidenhood flowed away

Never again believing in herself for this life

The young girl’s life changed that very moment in time

Self-esteem shattered lost forevermore

No one to tell

Her stories ran riot through her thoughts and being too

A reputation they had to uphold they told stories of her to many more

A young girl shattered by the tales she heard she became physically ill and in despair

Never again would she trust and rely on any other to help her through life

When her trust shattered the shards smashed apart, the heart is broken through the careless task

The masks began to become whole to save her life and pretend to be bold

Pretend she knew what would happen that day

Pretend and pretend to be okay

Now after all the hidden lies and stripping down layers

There is nowhere to hide

Forced  to see what is hidden inside

You see your saboteurs who she really is

The guardian of choice to protect the shards and shattered heart threads

The sentinels stand strong and protectively as they bound the box of shards that were son long ago sent down

The heart is ready to meet the shards to release the fear from all the harm

For this has been to long-held in pain and kept hidden from sight so anxiety reigned

But anxiety is not willing to let go of this yet eventh9ught he heart is ready to meet and accept.

Anxiety has been to hard to contain

Like a tsunami, it comes

It overruns everyone and everything as its force begins

Those who know this force so well

Be no longer willing to hide

No longer willing to accept your broken inside

Let the healing begin

The guardians are here

The guardians of Faith, self-esteem, Innocence, and Choice are here to love y9u not protect from fear that is the job of their shadow sides.

Love is the only way

Love of the brokenness of self

Love the shards and bring them home

Love them enough to heal them all

May you begin to heal through his journey ho,e

Home to the self the truth of the one


Donna 2020




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