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October 26, 2020

Alexsondra the Great: From Burden to Blessing

I am the Blessing
Part 2 of 3
I had begun to feel the call of the road once again. I was reminiscing of how I shamanicaly heal the lands as I travel (Keep an eye out for my stories about healing the lands), of how I am gracing the lands and the people I meet with my presence. -the meaning of “Xarissa” is “Grace”. I was pondering how I shift the vibration of these lands and people just by being with them, as if everything I touch turns to gold.

It reminded me of rock royalty; of how when famous speakers, preachers, and rock stars (such as Shaman Durek, Oprah, Ekhart Tolle, and Deepak Chopra) visit, people are so honored and grateful for their presence. That if a Star like Oprah walks into a restaurant the restaurant owner wants their autograph and to be able to say “Oprah ate here.” We still have royalty today, people we follow and celebrate; our celebrities. It is a beautiful thing that this royalty is not due to bloodline but rather that they could be anyone chosen by the masses.

I don’t often feel a desire to be a leader. I do persistently feel a desire to be fully and beautifully myself in my power, to shine as bright as the sun and to share this light with the world. A line from my favorite Fia song floated through my head “So done with playing small, knowing I am made of stars.” Feeling my power, my true deep self, I am in full awareness that my beautiful being-ness is in service to the world. That it needs to be shared for the benefit of all. I imagine myself among the Stars and say “Xarissa the Great.” Only this doesn’t have quite the right ring to it, it should be “Alexsondra the Great”.

Alexsondra is my middle name and for about a year I have thought “when I am standing in my power, I will ask people to call me by my middle name.” The significance of this had not quite landed until now. Like Alexander the Great coming into impoverished lands and giving them written language, schools, safety, unity and in general having a profoundly positive impact on the world, I too have a profoundly positive impact on the world. This is what I am growing into.

Last night I spent the night in the town of Royal, AR on Bear Mountain. The significance of the town of Royal is obvious. The significance of the bear totem is power. I still have some fear that I am not good enough but like a bard myself, I now sit at Bard Springs, sharing myself with you all. It is time to step into my power, it is time to share my story, It is time to introducing myself as Alexsondra. And maybe, just maybe you will see and receive the blessing in these powerful words.

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