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October 14, 2020

Anxiety and Belief

I would often find myself taking deep breaths, having my inner voice tell me – It’s okay, it’s fine, go ahead, don’t let it get the best of you…

There never really is a set trigger its just been a part of my existence as long as I can remember. No one is ever born prone to any particular emotion let alone be anxious since birth. But unfortunately or fortunately many of us do have this aspect in our daily lives.

There are countless times each individual must have felt a certain amount of anxiety.
If we go by the dictionary definition of anxiety we may very well grasp the concept of it but anxiety has so many different faces and aspects to it.
Like a fingerprint is unique to a person, the same way anxiety has different manifestations for different people.

You can have a totally put together individual who exudes confidence and is a trailblazer for so many issues and still this person might have to take timeouts to just breathe in and breathe out.

You can have a person who is always transparent about their emotions and you can just understand when they are going through the pangs of anxiety. It’s obvious in their voice, in their posture and almost everything they do gives you a hint.

Anxiety has visited most of us our entire lives and definitely each of us have had a tryst with it somewhere in our lifespan.

Here is the key to mastering this unwanted guest. Anxiety can either hold all the power in your life or all the power in your life can hold down the anxiety.

It is definitely not as simple as it sounds. It takes years of practice and calming down to actually be one with anxiety and not fall to pieces.

Like we master our thoughts we need to do the same in this case. We need to study ourselves, understand our triggers, understand how we respond and then change the game entirely.

On a personal note the observations I have had about anxiety and people is that it’s all a mind game.

If a certain situation is my biggest trigger I need to look at it differently. Always the negative emotions come first but it’s the hard work of finding one positive that calms us down .

I have seen some close people in my life even take help of external entities of prayers, meditation, excercise, dieting. Yes lifestyle changes have an impact on us and if that’s the key to soldier on then so be it.

It is ultimately finding our own medicine and taming this unruly anxiety in our lives.

I always feel in hindsight that had I not spent hours in extreme anxiety about situations that were not in my hands , I would probably have better hold on situations I can actually change.

The one thought that broke the power of anxiety over me was , I started evaluating the situations I can and cannot control. It’s if the latter then I don’t spend moments of my life even thinking about it , but in case of the former I constructively go about the situation and find solutions either on my own or with people.

In the end what matters is , will you let a situation make you miserable or will you let it make you better.

Anxiety has a lot to take from us but it can teach us too, as long as we are willing to learn.

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