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October 3, 2020

Carob Butterflies

Carob butterflies

The carob trees have lost their flowers.

Well, not lost,


In the heat of early fall, 

the long green pods dangle from limbs,

like overgrown green beans,

that smell sweet and sour at the same time, 

and turn hard and brown 

when they fall to the ground.

You can shake them,

like the rattle of a medicine man.

There are still butterflies around, 

fluttering through the branches

of the carob trees.

They are the same sunny yellow

as the flowers were in the summer, 

like petals, 

flying on the wind. 


petal to pod, 

caterpillar to butterfly.

A miracle in itself, 

but the illusion 

is also compelling. 

The flowers seem to have come alive, 

with wings

that can carry them, 


from tree to tree, 

visiting like neighbors

and friends. 

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