October 18, 2020

Dare to say No to Mediocre Love.

If your capacity to feel, love, and f*ck is breathtaking and magical, then you deserve a lover or partner who offers a similar depth to you.

Someone who can caress your face as they run their fingers on your lips, navigate your neck with whispery palms, and someone who stops to smell your skin.

The way they touch you makes you feel so present in your body, it can also bring lots of emotions to the surface.

Their presence is what deepens the intercourse, sex, lovemaking, or f*cking—the label you use for sex does not matter really. But when two partners or lovers are fully present with each other in this space, magic can happen.

In the past, I experienced mediocre love, lovers, and sex. Because I was suffering from low self-esteem, my self-worth was a disaster. My sexual, erotic self was hidden and pushed away into the darkness of my unconscious mind.

I was scared of my erotic self. And that led me to mediocre love experiences that always took away from me—leaving me emptier and alone than before.

I learned the same lesson more than once ’til I decided to go without a lover in my life and to become the kind of lover I needed for myself.

Now that I am happy building myself and a life that matters to me, that inspires me, and makes me happy every day, I know my worth. I know my capabilities. I dream of a man who can be my lover and partner who can meet me halfway.

Now, I don’t go out there and beg for mediocre love or sex.

Now, I touch myself and feel my skin.

Now, I dance and feel myself even more.

Now, I breathe freely and live dangerously and authentically, take new risks, and make the most of my everyday.

Now, I can’t accept mediocre men, who offer mediocre love and sex.

Now, I want and desire depth. Now, I desire a partner who is made of the similar material that my soul is made of, and is living his most amazing life, being his most authentic magical self.

We usually create romantic relationships or we attract those types of lovers who we internally think we deserve.

But by stretching our minds and hearts to their limits, by allowing our erotic self to come out and play: with our words, ways of dance, movement, and by expanding our horizon and self-awareness, we come to slowly realise that we deserve a kind of love that arouses us to such depth that it transforms our DNA forever.

No, I am absolutely not talking about movies or fairytales here.

I am talking about what is possible for our soul, and what our soul craves deep underneath all the superficial layers of ourselves that are not our essence.

Our layers keep us safe, yes. But they don’t allow us to risk, to dive deep into our heart of hearts, have a taste of our soul’s blueprint, and become aware that we are worth and capable of experiencing love and sexual partnership that lifts us higher into new and uncharted terrains of our being. 

The question is: do we dare to believe we are worthy and that this is possible?

I have always struggled with self-worth and trusting that a love like this is possible.

As I transform to be the woman I am deep within, and as I shine through my own shadows and inner darkness, I am realising that not only am I capable of being a lover that is magical and breathtaking but that I am worthy and capable of attracting a lover that also sees through all layers of my being at once.

A lover that can f*ck me with his eyes and with his body, but there is care and tremendous, loving passion in the act of f*cking itself.

We say the word sex most of the time.

I prefer and finally dare to say the word f*ck because it’s so liberating and it touches the depths of me. It’s a matter of perspective and the beliefs we hold around certain activities and how we use the words that define them.

As adults, we should not be afraid to use the word f*ck as a way of deeply penetrating someone’s soul.

Sex can be animalistic and wild, but also soft, gentle, and tender to the point of making one cry or laugh out loud when we are truly soul-penetrated by our partner. Not only by their bodies, but by their words, the power of their touch, and the way they hold us up while we make love or f*ck.

Find your self-worth within you.

Take new classes.

Find new passions.

Build yourself a life that you dream of.

One day at a time.

Treat yourself with respect.

Honor your unfolding.

Dare to express your innermost desires.

And dare to say no to mediocre.

Dare to wait for a lover who can meet you halfway.

Be that lover to yourself first.

And then allow yourself to meet him or her.

They will find you.

Or you will find them.

I finally have faith that what we truly desire in our love or sex department is possible if we only expand our hearts, say no to our conditioning and old beliefs, and build ourselves anew.

Dare to dream.

No dream is too big.

I finally believe this to be true.

I believe in me.

I believe in love and in my erotic self which will connect me with him when we cross paths.


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Read 10 comments and reply

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