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October 2, 2020

Feeling overly emotional? Check out the moon cycle in your calendar

Have you ever wondered why you feel intense emotions after every couple of weeks?


You feel like crying or bottled up and want to talk to someone about deep stuff, want to be understood, go in deep state of introspection from present or some random past event, feel intensely sexual suddenly.


For many years, i experienced such emotions like a cycle and suffered. Earlier i was just unaware and just kept feeling things and sometimes acting out of such intense feelings. Later paid the price of consequences which came out of the actions I took during the time of this wave of intense emotions. Like sending a message to my ex or telling someone what i really felt about some incident that happened in the past and hurt someone.This state lasted for one-3 days for me and once that passed, it felt like some virus leaving my body and i getting control of my senses back.


I started to do research about my patterns and found many justified reasons like hormonal changes during periods,PMS etc but still there were days when i felt intensely emotional and the dates were off the hormonal cycle. I had lot of questions in my mind. I am feeling this again and my periods are not coming soon. What could be the possible reason for me to feel this way without hormones acting up?


I went for therapy also noticing this is a kind of pattern which i have been experiencing in my life for years together and i really wanted to help myself. 


I started to notice the pattern again in my life and started to make notes of the dates. I felt intensely emotional twice in a month. Sometimes the dates coincided with my menstrual cycle and sometimes with full moon or no moon time.


As i learnt about my mind and body more, i also learned that my mind/body and this universe are connected. Our bodies are made up of 70 percent water and so is the percentage of water on the earth.When we observe how the full moon/ New moon brings high tide and unrest in the sea ,we understand the connection between the moon and water. High tides and low tides are caused by the moon. The moon’s gravitational pull generates the tidal force.The tidal force causes earth and its water to bulge out towards the moon. These bulges of water are high tides. Also you can all it as “Sea Unrest”


Same is the effect on human beings as they are also made of 70% water. The intensity increases in water signs ( scorpio,pisces and cancer) when they experience a full moon or new moon every month.


Most common symptoms people feel during the full moon are:


  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Insomnia
  • Night mares
  • Appetite change- Either low appetite or high appetite than normal
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Crying
  • Feeling intense emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, pain,confusion.
  • Menstruation 


While we experience this intense full moon/ new moon energy, we must also be aware that we can use this pure intense energy in creative ways. It is a great opportunity for us to use this energy for growth, creation.


Here are some ways to channelize this intense energy created by the full moon.


  1. Journaling– Full moon energy brings up all the suppressed emotions into the surface which is a great opportunity for us to release them. You may feel memories resurfacing about trauma or grief or pain from some past events in your life. You can start writing them on paper. If you feel a certain type of music intensifies your feelings,do not be scared of getting out of control. Play the music and write whatever you feel spontaneously. When you feel satisfied in your writing, do not re-read it. Looking at the full moon/ sky in case of new moon  in a safe place(Your garden or terrace), do a little prayer- “I now choose to release my pain/grief/anger/resentment/bitterness from my system through burning this paper. As i watch this paper burn,i see all my pain go away forever.” Watch the paper burn till the end.


  1. Taking a bath– Dipping yourself in a pool during full moon/ new moon can bring you some spiritual experiences or a deep state of being. If you don’t have a pool, taking a shower with some scented candles and music too will help you experience a deep connection with yourself in this full moon energy.


  1. Sex- If you have a partner and you feel intensely sexual,  this fullmoon energy can help you form a deeper connection with your partner.Even if you choose not to have sex with your partner, just hugging,touching or kissing and feeling grateful for having a partner in thier presence will open your hearts and you will experience each others love more intensely through energy bodies. It is advised not to have casual  sex with someone during full moon/ new moon. 


  1. Silent sitting– Meditating in full moon energy is the greatest opportunity to dive deep into ourselves if you are on your journey to self awareness. You can just sit silently on the floor or a mat with an erect spine in a comfortable position and observe all sensations of your body and mind. If you feel intense emotions,observe them arise and fade out. You can meditate for as much as you want and then go for a good night’s sleep.


  1. Creativity- FullMoon/New moon enhances and intensifies creativity. If you feel you are not a person who can sit silently for a long time, maybe you can use this opportunity for your creative expression through dance or singing or playing an instrumental or painting or drawing or cooking,whichever way you feel drawn to.You can do up your space with scented candles, white sage,, incense sticks or diffuser with aroma oils. Sit for sometime with music on and really connect with your inner self. Then start to move your body if you feel like dancing. Drop your mind and move without judgement. Move your body and dance as if no one is watching you. You can use other ways (singing or painting etc) same way. While doing this,if you feel like you are repeating something that you learnt, drop that pattern and move freely. 


It is a good idea to share your feelings and emotional patterns with a therapist you trust. There are many other creative ways in art therapy that you can learn from your therapist. There are also different types of meditative techniques you can learn and use them to explore yourself more. Having a counselling session with your therapist can also be good for you to vent intense emotions at a safe place. Your therapist is like a hand you can always hold in your difficult emotional journeys.

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