October 14, 2020

The Deep Wisdom within Women (& How to Own our Power).

It is in our nature—as women—to change.

In fact, the only thing constant about our biology is change. Each day, we are biologically different than the day before—hormonally speaking.

So, with such great change happening, how can we harness our energy best through each phase of our cycles?

You may have noticed some weeks you feel motivated, peppy, and productive but others are extremely low and dismal. For many women, there is a disconnect from their menstrual cycle and the language our womb (she) speaks.

Through following these practices, you’ll be able to radically take ownership of your motherhood experience and menstrual cycle.

I find it best to relate our womb’s language to that of the seasons. For those unfamiliar with the reproductive cycle, we start with menstruation, or as I call it “inner winter.” As winter turns to spring, we move into the follicular phase. This is followed by ovulation, or our inner summer, and rounded off by our luteal phase, inner fall. 

Menstruation: Inner Winter

When experiencing inner winter, it’s best to rest—hibernate—if you will. Menstruation can take a lot out of our energy and motivation.

Just by allowing myself three to five days every month to be “lazy” and rest, has radically changed my approach to life. For one, it isn’t “lazy” to rest. Rest is needed and just because Uncle Sam doesn’t stop for anyone, I promise—we can take a break.

Let the laundry sit another day or two. Ask for extra help around the house. Just be.

Allowing ourselves this time to rest brings a needed balance to the chaos of motherhood and our lives. It’s amazing the sense of freedom it creates.

Using the first few days of the cycle to rest will ensure we have the energy we need as we move into inner spring.

Follicular Phase: Inner Spring

Inner spring is a beautiful time: we feel our energy levels rising and our libido rises. We feel like superwoman.

It’s like coming out of hibernation to face a tornado zone. This phase of the cycle is for planning and clearing. As I clear the old and make space for the new, I allow myself time to plant the seeds I wish to grow during this next cycle. I jot down what projects need my focus and how I want to divide my time for the next two weeks.

Ovulation: Inner Summer

As we move into ovulation, we experience a peak in energy—we’re talking extrovert explosion! Plan time to socialize with other parents or friends. That awkward playdate you’ve been wanting to schedule? Do it now! Your communication is crystal clear.

I find myself thriving in activities outside of the home. We explore new parks, ice-cream shops, and play games. As an introverted mom, taking advantage of the extra ounce of extroversion inner summer provides gives me joy! And it has allowed so many fun memories. This is the inner season to play.

Luteal Phase: Inner Fall

A week following our inner summer (ovulation), we move into fall. We feel the need to finish projects and prepare a nest for the coming winter. It’s actually not far off from the “nesting” we experienced in pregnancy. Take advantage and finish projects around the house.

For many, PMS sneaks in the last week or two of the cycle. I found that by following my womb as a compass for mothering, and by bringing balance to my life in these ways, I have created a thriving motherhood, one that feels authentic and completely my own.

By following these guidelines throughout my month, I have found myself feeling more calm and collected than BC (before charting). I know how to allow my womb to speak to me with her own language and respond accordingly.

The simple act of checking in with our womb every day is enough to connect us to a deep sense of empowerment. 

To begin charting your cycle, you can find loads of free apps available but perhaps the most accurate is good, old-fashion pen and paper. Make note of your bleeding days, any “big symptoms” you feel that day, and explore.

After several months, you’ll have a great baseline to begin planning your life with your inner cycle leading the way.


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