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October 14, 2020

How to Increase Productivity With Your Morning Routine

Have you ever wondered what it is about ‘mornings’ that attract so many successful people? Even though tired, why do they drag their bodies to start the day early just when the red rim of the sun pushes itself over the sky? It’s called the winner’s mindset. If you do something against what your inner voice tells you, you achieve a sense of control. In this case, ‘mind over mattress.’ You eluded sleep and chose to work on your dreams instead of just dreaming and cuddling the pillow. 

Enough with the philosophy, you may have heard your idol or role model stating that you can increase productivity with your morning routine. So, what’s the catch?

Mornings are the most crucial part of your day – they set the tone for everything that follows. In a world where one’s lifestyle is affecting his/her productivity, people are looking for productivity hacks. And sadly, for those who like hitting the snooze button, the answer lies in ‘mornings.’

With that said, in this post, we are going to share some tips on how you can increase productivity with your morning routine.  

Let’s jump right into it. 

#1 Start your day with some warm water 

Right after you wake up, you should drink 4 small glasses of warm or lukewarm water, even before you brush your teeth. In Japan, it is known as ‘Water Cure,’ and they put in fresh lemon juice, or a few leaves of green tea or some other leaf tea, or fresh herbs in it. Warm water will spike up your energy levels mentally and physically. Drinking warm water on an empty-stomach offers plenty of health benefits. It not only aids the overall digestive system but also stimulates the removal of toxins from the body. 

#2 Get on with the exercise

Now, before you hit the breakfast table, it is time to move some muscles. And you should not eat anything for 15-30 minutes after drinking water. This is the perfect time to squeeze in some exercise. Whether you go to the gym or workout at home, you should not miss morning exercise. Exercise ignites the endorphins and the so-called GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), cranking up the energy levels. 20-30 minutes of physical activity in the morning can spike up the energy levels and help fuel your body for a more productive day. 

#3 Eat a REAL breakfast 

If you want to be productive, whether as a student or a professional, you should better start thinking about the food you put in your mouth in the morning. Your body has been in 7-8 hours of prolonged fasting while you sleep, and it will need to refuel nutrients and vitamins as soon as it wakes up. Eating breakfast (and not BRUNCH) has so many health benefits. It keeps your blood sugar levels stable, you will feel less hungry over the course of the day, and it will give you the energy to carry out the day’s tasks. A healthy breakfast helps you concentrate for longer periods, improves short-term memory, and keeps your body fueled. 

#4 Avoid screen time until breakfast 

Most people, when they wake up, the first thing they do is search their phones and browse through the notifications. It is enough to make you lose focus on your morning routine. Instead of diving into the emails, messages, and social media, give your body some time to relax and regain focus. Try to achieve the first three things mentioned – drink water, get some exercise, and eat a healthy breakfast – before you give yourself some screen time. It will set a positive and calm tone for your day and increase productivity with your morning routine. Reading all those emails and messages first thing in the morning will only make you anxious about getting the work done. 

#5 Establish your goals for the day 

When you have goals, things get easy to pursue. Having a goal gives you a sense of control and an increase in confidence. When you set specific goals to the day, it will put everything in motion. This will allow you to schedule the rest of your day. We recommend that you put those things on top of your list that you don’t want to do. In other words, accomplish those goals first that require a high level of concentration. So, when your mind is still fresh and active, you get to accomplish the most important tasks of the day. 

#6 Assign a time to your goals and to-do list

It is not just about setting goals; it is also about how to achieve them. As said, you should prioritize your goals so that you can end your day on time. The primary goal is to give respect to your day’s commitments, whether it is personal or professional. This way, you won’t have to stress and get anxious; things will get done when it needs to be done. 

#7 Avoid multitasking 

People think that they can do 2-3 things at once. While it is tempting, you will be wasting your energy and losing your confidence in doing so. In the morning, when your energy levels are the highest, you should put yourself in doing work that needs your most attention. When you are bombarded with several tasks, the information can get overwhelming that you cannot pay attention. Finally, learn to say NO. Several studies show that people who have difficulty in saying no are more likely to experience stress, depression, and burnout. Learn to use no, and it will lift your productivity. It is okay if you cannot multitask. Simply say that you will get on it after the completion of the existing task. 


Just arrive at the workplace at a set time each day and start working according to your goals. Office hours can be intimidating because some of the work relies on the accountability of your colleagues. Simply sticking to the schedule and goals will get things done as planned. Planning everything in the morning will give you a headstart, say 1-2 hours extra than most of your colleagues. This is enough to bring everything together.

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