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October 24, 2020

The Magick of Shapeshifters and Bridges

The unimaginatively named “Natural Bridge” in Alabama was so much more than I expected it to be. In physical form it is a large span of rock stretching over an almost cavern like bowl in the ground. The stone consists of Iron and Sandstone. Over many centuries water wore away much of the sandstone leaving the Iron to form a “natural bridge.”

Energetically it is so much more. The whole area brings me a deep sense of peace. The strong energy of the iron carries a low resonating tone that vibrates into my core. I can almost hear it resounding through me as I stand directly underneath the bridge surrounded by a bowl of Iron. You can actually see swirling lines of iron embedded in the sandstone as if some ancient civilization was sending coded messages or creating artwork. I kept expecting the spiraling veins of iron to light up and glow blue like the crystals in the Disney movie “Atlantis” or the troll art in the tv show “Troll Hunter”. The moss, ferns, and mushrooms carpeting the land only add to the fairy tale effect. This place is truly magical.

The wonderful attendant of Natural Bridge feels it too. She said most people come and go quickly not noticing the essence of the place but in her 20 years attending the park she could feel the energy. She spoke of how the Creek Native Americans used to come in full ceremonial dress once a week and hold a ceremony at the site. Unfortunately the older generations of natives had died out and the younger generation never came. Sadly, she had never learned the specific legends the Natives told about the natural bridge but it is safe to say the recognized and respected the sacredness of Natural Bridge.

I marvel at the timing in which I visit Natural Bridge. Just the day before in my Embodied Muse Feminine Leadership Course given by Ashtara Kukuk we had been discussed the shapeshifter archetype. As a shapeshifter forms her shape to fit her environment she is able to deeply understand and relate to the beings of which she has taken shape.  When she then shifts into a different shape she is able to move between two factions with ease and bridge the gap between them, becoming the ultimate diplomat. Native Americans understood this concept. Trans Native Americans were celebrated for their ability to understand both men and women and were given the role of diplomat for their ability to bridge gaps. Just as the Trans Native Americans were able to bridge the gap between men and women so too were they skilled at bridging the gap between cultures. I collected spring water to drink from Natural Bridge and I pray that as I take in the nourishment of this water I learn to be a shapeshifter become the bridge between realms. -May it be so-

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