November 1, 2020

To Hell with the Known. Uncertainty is Sexy.

2020 has been rubbish—there’s no getting away from that.

One thing that has been abundant, though, is uncertainty. Of course, the world has never come with a complete sense of it, but it does appear more rickety at the moment, and with this, comes fear.

I believe that we can take this fear of the unknown and use it to our advantage.

A while back, I made a decision that resulted in a lot of uncertainty. After the initial sense of relief, fear set in. Through meditation, I was fortunate enough to be able to witness my excessive mind chatter.

As my ego processed all possible worst-case scenarios in great detail, I started to see through these stories and mocked my mind for being so absurd (I was slightly mean, and I certainly lacked empathy, but no one ever said we were perfect).

The overriding points that were delivered to me were both valid and logical. I asked myself, “Why are you worrying about something that is yet to happen?” While some of these fears may be valid, my mind amplifying them is not particularly useful.

From seeing through these stories and transcending the fear, I started to see that I had a blank canvas. In simply accepting that the future is uncertain, then to me, that means it’s not dictated by the past. All bets were off, and I began operating from a place of dismissing both past conditioning and any judgment on situations.

I was in the moment, and there was an incredible flow to it. It was peaceful and exhilarating at the same time. I looked toward the future with joy and excitement, despite not having any certainty of it. I also found a weird paradox: in the vulnerability of releasing control, I knew that whatever the future presented, I would be strong enough to navigate it.

As my mind was free of fear and overthinking, I had created a void, and curiosity filled it. Questions I had never considered surfaced, and I answered them with complete clarity. I used my newfound lucidity to plant the seeds of my future.

To my surprise, much of these manifestations were new. My previous wants and desires seemed neutral or irrelevant. Later, I learned that what I had experienced was my expression of The Law of Pure Potentiality.

The Law of Pure Potential is the first law that Deepak Chopra writes about in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. The premise of the law is around the pure potential of our essential nature. Through self-referral, we can transcend fear, utilise our creativity, and manifest our desires. We do this through stillness—being one with nature and practicing non-judgment.

I believe there’s an opportunity to apply this law to our current uncertainty. There’s an abundance of fear already out—there’s no need to go digging about for fresh stuff.

Use it as a catalyst to tap into our stillness, discover our true potential and purpose, and plant the seeds of our future.

A few of my seeds have certainly flourished. As for the rest, who knows? And that is quite exhilarating.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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