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October 26, 2020

What Happened When I Hired an Angel as my Business Coach

It was the Christmas season of 2018 and I was searching high and low for a solution to bringing more (or any) income into my business.

I was insta-gramming, googling, and desperately seeking the answer to creating sustainable work and money. Then, all of the sudden, I saw a woman I’d never seen before pop up on my Instagram stories. Her picture seemed to be glowing amongst the darkness of the contrasting winter photos, so I immediately clicked in to see what was behind the circular image. As I did, I was shown a glittery video of a beautiful woman who was sharing about how structure comes after we put our hearts into our work.

I stared at my google sheet, where I was begging dollars and cents to manifest through the screen, in complete confusion.

“Did she mean this wasn’t working? 

How do you know when the money comes in, then?

Hmmm, no thanks. I like my control,” I thought, as I returned back to my masculine business coaches in comfortability, who in hindsight, hearts had left the building eons ago.

As I continued listening to the hustle teachings like a vigilante disciple, I kept one eye to the side and I watched my glittery new friend as she sparkled through my Instagram feed, making everything look really delicious and easy.

“Who was right? The man who is mentoring me, who had made billions and is in the hospital sick from overworking, or this wondrous creative who seems to be enjoying life, not attempting to manipulate it?” I thought, unsure.

Then, a manifestation occurred, outside of my excel sheet, the sparkly coach, Amanda Marit, was offering a five-day wealth-building challenge.

I signed up!

But my mind resisted things that seemed glowy, or easy. I had allegiance to the hard-wired structure I had worked so hard to build, inclusive of the Trello boards, the e-mail time blocks, the rules. (Which, I still use, by the way, but in a secondary fashion.)

My mind wanted to crunch the numbers to the top. Getting out of my head and into my heart felt scary. It felt safer to use “control.” Every day when her emails came through with the daily video challenge, I would claim that I was too busy, so I could stay in my mind. I thought in a superior fashion things like, “Good for them! But, I have THINGS to do.”

It seemed impossible that taking a few minutes minutes to do a daily connection to something bigger than me would produce results, even though nothing I was doing in the material world was creating any type of traction. Funnily enough, as I would solidify later, the energy and intentionality of these challenges and meditations would become more important to my success and happiness than anything else.

It has become absolutely true for me that 15 minutes with a divine connection to the guides of the universe way outweighs 15 minutes of speed-people-pleasing-email-responses.

As these new ways of doing business slowly entered into my field, I continued to learn from Amanda on stories, e-mails, and other platforms. Still, the easy energy she released was sparkling into the camera. It felt so far from my existence that it almost seemed like I was living in black and white, and she was living in color. Each day, I enjoyed hearing her say the same thing in various ways: as light-workers on this planet, our lives are meant to be easy, in fact, they get to be easy and luxurious. 

I wanted this to be my truth too, somewhere in my being it resonated as fact.

Past the free challenge, I began to micro-invest, for example, if she’d host a workshop, I’d immediately jump at the chance to shell out $47.00 to be engrossed in these lessons of energetic entrepreneurship.

After a feminine energy workshop she held, I made $5,500 while I was sleeping! I began to see the two of us as an energetic match, and it was sparking success in my realm.

When I finally took the plunge and joined her Diamond Collective mastermind, I was prepared for different lessons of “how-to”s, aside from my previous masculine mentors, but nothing could prepare me for what was actually behind my Instagram friend’s Glinda the Good Witch toolkit.

I joined the Zoom link like an initiation into easy-ville, and I was met face to face with many other women I’d seen online, soon to be famous podcasters, successful high-end real estate agents, and a specific type of beautiful women I hadn’t seen in a collective group before.

After my impostor syndrome quieted down, we began the call connecting to a specific feminine energy goddess. We were so far away from excel-sheet-town, I didn’t even remember I had a computer.

Each of the women had the chance to channel a specific goddess and practice sharing what she felt like, what she sounded like and what messages she had for us. Amanda held the energy of the container and allowed possibilities to come through.

I was fascinated – this behind the scenes was so far from any other mechanical mastermind I had taken a part in. Within my first few weeks of working with her, my energetic body went through massive changes. And, within six weeks, my business model had transformed with little to no effort on my part, aside from my intentionality of ease.

I went from a burnt-out publicist to a publishing house in less than 45 days. My income increased by $15,000 and the clients who were ready to leave fell off with ease, like a dead leaf. No effort required! The sparkly existence was real!

After a month in the mastermind, it was as if someone had called for an extreme home makeover while I was sleeping. I had no trouble putting up boundaries because they were being crafted for me. Solutions were swimming to meet my needs and I was starting to glow in a way that only happens when you derive your true purpose.

I had joined angel school, and it felt so freeing, mostly because I had dropped out of my brillant mind and into my loving heart, where I reconnected to my soul’s purpose. The beautiful, coaching firefly, Amanda, who had jumped past my existence on Instagram was helping me remember what was possible.

I was home.

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