November 5, 2020

10 Signs you are Awakening.

*An excerpt from Radical Intuition by Kim Chestney


There are two defining moments in your life: the moment you become aware of your true potential—and the moment you own it.

Now, you are ready to do both. You are ready to use your power of insight to step into your true life. You can see what you are meant to become, not just who you are. You know there is more to the world—and more to you—than any of us can imagine with our limited, earthly consciousness. And you recognize the possibilities in a wondrous new reality—one that calls you from ahead.

You can use your Physical Intuition to create well-being and heal your life. You can use your Mindful Intuition to cultivate peace of mind and better life choices. You can use your Creative Intuition to make your dreams a reality. And you can use your Transcendental Intuition to reconnect with the unity of all life. Living insightfully can kick off an evolutionary chain reaction that takes you higher than you have ever been.

10 Signs of Awakening:

Though we all wake up in our own way, the process shares many commonalities. You may notice that you experience some or all of these 10 signs. Each signifies that you have been touched by a higher power.

1. Your intuition is stronger.
Intuitive ability is a by-product of your evolution. The more you wake up to the real you, the more your inner voice speaks. Insight becomes the fuel for life itself—the real power behind the expansion of your consciousness.

2. You crave more alone time.
This is one of the very first signs or precursors of an awakening. You may have noticed, from a young age, that you naturally gravitate toward time alone, and you choose to spend your time with others in meaningful ways.

As we begin to awaken, we lose our tolerance for frivolous social activities and look forward to the quiet time of introspection. You are never really alone when you are with your intuition. As you deepen your relationship with the higher part of yourself, the moments that, to others, may feel like empty silence become full of insight and wonder. Whether you are reading, meditating, gardening, creating, exercising, or simply being, solitary moments are the treasure we share with the self beyond our self.

3. You feel a new sense of wonder in life.
When we are children, the world is full of wonder. Then, as we grow up and our minds define and categorize everything into something we can understand, we become disconnected from the wondrous dimension of our lives, even though we live in the midst of a truly undefinable world.

Intuition is our reminder of that majesty…a reminder of the magic. It is not only our connection to the great mystery beyond—it is our proof that it exists. Within insight, we tangibly experience the intangible. Our intuition allows us to have a conscious relationship with the mystery of life. When we open our eyes to the wonder, we realize that, instead of being nowhere, it is everywhere.

4. You want to improve your life.
It’s amazing how, as we start to wake up, all of the things we have been doing wrong suddenly become so clear. It’s as if we had a huge blind spot and we can finally see the big picture. We can see past the beam in our eye that has blinded us to our own faults for so long.

When you wake up, you might experience a “mad dash” to change your life. You can feel like you are on fire with the passion to make a shift—to take back your power and to release everything that is holding you back. That’s your vibration rising! To keep that momentum going—to keep elevating your consciousness—continue letting go of those heavy burdens, old feelings, and heavy judgments. Let it all go. Watch them fall away and feel your spirit rise!

5. You become fearless.
As we know, fear is one of our greatest adversaries on the path of life. Fear lies to you; it paralyzes you; it prevents you from growing or experiencing life. When you are living greatly, you are outside of your comfort zone. That means getting comfortable facing your fears and, ultimately, trusting yourself. The comfort zone is a nice place to take a break; it’s a nice place to relax for a while and regroup. But all the good things that take us higher are waiting outside of it. The more we build trust in ourselves, the more we realize there is, truly, nothing to be afraid of.

6. You notice more synchronicity in your life.
There is no such thing as a coincidence. When you are awake, you are in harmony with the unfolding of your best life. The dead ends and the blocks that have held you back are often bypassed by coincidental opportunities. Suddenly, everything feels and is aligned. You can measure the momentum of your awakening by the amount of synchronicity in your life. Serendipitous moments point you in the right direction and validate your intuitive evolution. Synchronicity and coincidences reflect the harmonization of your personal unfolding with the majesty of universal unfolding.

7. You experience wonders beyond this world.
There is nothing mystical about a mystical experience. It is simply an event that defies our current understanding of the physical world. One day we will figure out how it all works. But for now, we just understand that becoming more conscious raises our frequency and allows us to touch once-untouchable planes of existence. Metaphysical experience is simply a result of our shift into super-consciousness. It should come as no surprise that, when we move our consciousness beyond its limitations, we are able to experience the reality beyond those limitations.

The beauty of this process is that it unfolds alongside your personal growth; mystical experiences are not thrust upon you for no reason. They are directly connected to the expansion of your reality.

8. You feel more inspired and creative.
An influx of intuition opens up the floodgates of creativity. With those pathways open, all of that good stuff—like inspiration and new ideas and ingenuity and art for art’s sake—flows freely. The creative impulse is always fast on the heels of the awakened mind; when we touch something extraordinary, we want to share it with others. Creativity moves us to express our truth with the world. When you wake up, it is natural for all kinds of creative ideas to bubble up. After all, when your eyes are open for the first time, there is so much to do and share.

9. You finally feel authentic.
Have you ever said to yourself: This is what I was made to do. Or: At last, I am doing what I was always meant to, or I finally feel like I am my real self. This place of authenticity, of feeling like you are 100 percent comfortable in your own skin, is the result of your conscious realignment with your inner truth. True authenticity often comes in the highest states of your evolution, as you learn to not only recognize your intuition but to follow it and courageously implement much-needed changes in your life. The more you do that, the more real you become. You peel back the layers of all that isn’t you to own the person you really are. This is living your truth.

10. You have a calling to make the world better.
To awaken is to answer a call. The idea that you can be something more—that you can do something important for the world—is a calling to wake up to your purpose in life. The deeper you move into your awakening, the louder your call will become. It becomes so loud that you can no longer deny it. And the path serendipitously opens ahead of you. Everyone has their own calling. Deep down inside, you know what yours is. It has been whispering to you all your life.

Life begins when you trust yourself. And it thrives when you live true to yourself — true to the real you. When you wake up to this realization, you are at last free. It can happen to anyone, at any point in their life. It can happen to your neighbor. It can happen to your children, your friends, and your enemies — whether rich or poor, young or old. But it will only happen when you are ready for it.


Excerpted from the book Radical Intuition. Copyright ©2020 by Kim Chestney. Printed with permission from New World Library.



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