November 22, 2020

5 Limiting Beliefs about Money (& How you can Overcome them).

Our ingrained beliefs around money can either make or break us. I can tell you that from my own personal experience.

Despite the fact that I had tremendous business and financial success on the outside, I secretly felt like a failure and unworthy of it, on the inside. These feelings lead me to self-sabotage my success three times before coming to this realization: I had inherited a poor money mindset and self-image while growing up.

In essence, my limiting thoughts and beliefs limited my success.

Determined to overcome my last rock bottom and rise like a phoenix from the ashes, I began to make changes in my inner world. I began to picture myself as someone who is worthy and deserving of success. Day by day, my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs began to change, and in a short time, my finances started to skyrocket again.

Dr. Bruce Lipton states that our childhood and our interactions with money affect our ability to generate the funds that we need. From infancy to the age of six, we soak up the money messages around us, be it from our parents or limited religious programming.

Feeling limited in the way that we can attract money can leave us in detrimental situations such as debt, which creates a negative spiral impacting other areas of our lives.

Many of us are yet to access our full potential, and the reason why we are not expressing our potential at its highest is due to our limiting beliefs.

If we want to overcome our limiting beliefs about money, we need to understand some of the most common blocks we have in regard to it:

1. “I cannot be spiritual and have money.”

There is a conflicting ideology that the need for money and living in a spiritual and conscious manner cannot co-exist. This limiting belief can leave people feeling guilty about acquiring money and turn toward a minimalist lifestyle in the hopes that it will leave them feeling purified and fulfilled. There is nothing wrong with accumulating money. As spiritual beings, we are meant to experience abundance in all of its glorious forms. If the Universe chooses to direct us in the way of receiving money, which opens us up to more opportunities, a different lifestyle, and keeps our heads above water, who are we to deny it?

Balance is needed in life. Though money may be seen as earthly, through the purchase of items and experiences, we can receive more happiness. The body, mind, and soul work as one. We can indulge in the joys of money, which can leave us both feeling satisfied and covering our bills, which puts the mind at ease to enjoy a soulful connection with spirit.

Learn to find balance and you will find peace with money. If you are not tipping the scale on one end, you will find alignment.

2. “I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

Avoiding responsibility and putting off starting that business or finalizing a piece of work that will guarantee you more money is the result of a limited mindset.

Self-sabotage can be one of our biggest blockers that prevent us from achieving our financial goals. It all comes down to you.

Ask yourself, how badly do I want this money?

Explore the possibilities that life could bring if you were more proactive and took the plunge.

The longer you avoid getting to the things that will bring you the changes that you want, the longer wealth and abundance will elude you.

Write out a list of everything that you need to do, and prioritize each item by its urgency. Take one step at a time, and envision that the Universe is guiding you in all of your endeavors. The Universe would not put an idea in your mind or grant you an opportunity if it didn’t think that you could achieve it.

3. “I can’t afford that.”

Every word, phrase, belief, and feeling that we have affects our relationship with money. Positive or negative, it outlines the framework of our lives and can dictate our experiences with money. If we believe that we can’t afford something then we won’t, and if we say that we are broke then we will remain in that financial position.

Our energy and mindset have the power to put us in alignment with what we want or negatively impact our financial abundance.

Put aside this limiting belief. If you have grown up with this mentality, know that it can be reversed with a few adjustments and some patience on your part.

Imagine yourself living in abundance, and start to take note of how you would act if you were wealthy. Instead of complaining about money, what would you say?

See yourself walking into shops and not worrying about what you can or cannot afford. Turn this into a fun game and feel as if there is nothing in the world that you cannot purchase. Once you are able to raise your vibration, there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

4. “Money is the root of all evil.”

Like attracts like, and so our beliefs will manifest themselves into our experiences. If we see money as a negative and evil thing, then we are encouraging that energy to control and affect our finances. The irony is that this belief will only bring bad circumstances to our finances and prevent us from living in a manner that is in our best interests.

Make a list outlining all the ways that money can be beneficial to you and others. From helping the poor to providing your children with enough to give them amazing experiences, there is so much that money can do for you that is on the spectrum of good.

It is the way that we respond to money and act that determines whether or not we are a good person, not the money itself. In the right hands, money can change the world and increase the quality of your life dramatically.

5. “I’m not worthy.”

Feeling as if you are not entitled to receive the money that you desire will leave you feeling negative and like your dreams are out of reach. Your self-esteem can greatly impact your finances and leave you feeling as if everyone else can have the lifestyle that they desire, while you are left behind.

If you feel as if you don’t deserve to have the money that you want, it’s time to shift this limiting belief so that you may acquire all the wealth that you want.

Start to heal; take the time to identify the root cause of your feelings of unworthiness.

Write out statements that counter your limiting beliefs.

For example, if you believe that you are not worthy of having money because you were meant to live in hardship, replace that with, “I am worthy of having all the money I desire because luxury, prosperity, and abundance is my birthright.”

If you feel unworthy because you don’t feel good enough, change your mindset to, “I should, can, and will have the money that I deserve because I am enough, and who I am is abundant.”

Limiting beliefs are tricky because they are invisible and familiar to us. So many of us don’t make the connection that we are creating our outer circumstances in our life.

I stopped sabotaging my success the moment I changed that snapshot in my mind and began to identify, picture, and feel emotionally connected—like a person who is worthy and deserving of success.

When you look at life and notice that, financially, it’s not how you pictured it to be, I would encourage you to start examining your limiting beliefs and know that you too have the power to change your thoughts and give yourself a chance to create a life that supersedes your expectations.


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