November 17, 2020

7 Simple Ways to Nurture our Inner Artist.

I learned that art is all about creativity.

It’s an activity that’s done by a creative person to express their ideas or emotions, and it helps people survive and thrive in their culture.

I’ve always felt a strong bond with the world of art, and I’m thankful for how it has changed my life.

I’m a painter, a writer, and a poet, and I spend most of my time recycling old, unused pieces in my house and turn them into a piece of art. I also work with many elements from nature, like stones, wood, leaves, and shells.

I adore music, singing, and dancing.

Art has shown me how to appreciate nature through the different colors of the sky, the flowers, the sea, the grass, and the beautiful sceneries that are around me. Looking at nature makes me feel close to God and makes me believe that he is a great creator.

We must be thankful for this beautiful creation that he has gifted us. His art makes me happy and determined to stay in a good mood and send positive vibes to those around me.

I believe in growth, and I always focus on improving the artist within me.

Through painting, I feel connected with my emotions—not the material world. Money comes and goes, but our creativity and the love that we put into our work gives us confidence and hope that we matter and we can change the world through our crafts.

I always inspire my friends and family to find value in art. As I always say, art creates a bridge with who we really are. Through our art, we communicate our difficult emotions. Even if our art is criticized, we should welcome judgment with open arms and respond with patience and love because there’s no ugly art—all form of art is appreciated.

I’m a free spirit now who’s always working on the happiness that art has given me. Happiness is more important than money, power, or fame. I’m rich in my creativity—it’s my only true treasure.

We can all be artists, and I believe there is an artist that’s hiding inside each one of us. Beauty surrounds us—we just need to be open to it.

Here are seven ways that help us nurture the artist within:

The art of focusing on your senses.

Focus on what you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. Our senses are the greatest canvas—all we need to do is splash our colors onto it.

The art of observing nature.

Nature itself is an astonishing piece of art. Wake up early and see the sunrise or watch the sunset in the evening. Look at roses, trees, and animals. Take photos of them and observe the natural elements in your frame.

The art of cooking.

Cook with love and care. Get creative and make new recipes. Decorate your food and play around with vegetables and fruits. Food is a great form of art, and we have it available almost every day.

The art of gardening.

Tending to our garden makes us close to earth and plants. Watch the roses and flowers grow and observe the bees and butterflies that land on your roses. Listen to the sound of birds and how they call each other. Nature is available everywhere—you just need to go out and look.

The art of communication.

Using words is another great form of art. Share your thoughts, ideas, emotions, and experiences with others. Not only we connect with others through talking, but we also create a verbal painting.

The art of healing.

We can create art by healing ourselves. Let go of stress through jogging, walking, listening to music, singing, or dancing. Relaxation and staying positive is an art that we can maintain for the rest of our lives.

The art of reading.

Books are definitely my favorite kind of art. Tell stories about what you read and enrich your mind and thoughts through authors. It’s a way to express ourselves and stay connected with the past and the future.

There are many more different kinds of art, such as fashion design, teaching, sports, learning new languages, gathering coins or stamps, and so on.

Search for the artist within you because it helps you discover yourself and express your feelings and thoughts.

Art gives sense to our lives and purpose to our souls.

It makes us appreciate the creator and all his art around us.



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Read 34 comments and reply

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