November 15, 2020

A Woman in Touch with her Erotic Self is Medicine to this World.

A woman in touch with her erotic self is powerful beyond measure.

Her body and her senses are made of ecstasy.

When she is in touch and owns her body and her sexuality, she feels like the most blissful and radiant creature in the world. She starts birthing new worlds into existence. Her creativity becomes medicine for many.

But why does a woman who is half nude, sensual, or sexual terrify many?

Why does a sexual and sensual woman who stands in her own right and walks to the beat of her own drum, trigger so many men and women out there?

Why do most people fear a sexual woman who owns her power and makes magic out of it?

I want to make something clear before I continue further: there is a big, huge difference between a woman being sexual and her being sexualised and objectified as a sexual object for men’s pleasure.

So, we all as adults need to come to this understanding: a woman’s self expression in sexual or sensual ways is first and foremost for her own enjoyment, pleasure, and happiness.

If you cut a woman’s sexuality, you cut her from her body and her soul.

But you see, a woman’s body is her own first. A sensual and sexual woman dares to dive with awareness into her shadows and make medicine out of them. Her sexual energy is her life force.

A woman’s ways of dressing, dancing, partying is God manifesting in her particular form.

Why does a woman’s sexuality create waves and tides?

Because it makes her powerful. It gives her power back. It connects her with her spirit.

And f*ck. When a woman connects with her body, watch out. She will destroy all and everything false.

She will dare to be.

She won’t ask for permission anymore.

She won’t apologize to make anyone comfortable.

She won’t please anyone.

She does not need followers.

She is a leader. With or without followers.

She is still a f*cking leader.

She creates medicine and new paradigms.

You can’t control a woman like that.

That’s why many judge her, point fingers, and blame her for triggering their own shadows. They look her down. Because she is dangerous and you can’t control a woman like that.

She will take no sh*t.

And she will heal many. 

She is a healer.

A wounded healer, that is.

She is sage. She is wise.

A safe space for those who are left in the shadows and those who can’t find a way back to their souls.

She is not an average human being. So, make no mistake.

She spills wisdom from her body and her skin.

She brings in high tides to rearrange outdated beliefs and mindsets.

She exists to free herself and take others into their freedom with a high level of consciousness and awareness.

She is as simple as she is complex.

A woman should feel appreciated, honored, and loved for all her shadows and her light because her shadows are her medicine for the world and her own soul.

Once a woman starts to awaken to her sexual and erotic self, you can’t f*ck with her anymore.

She is a powerhouse and such is her medicine to the world.

Open your eyes and see beyond appearances and beyond your conditioning.

She is unapologetically her own self.

Now and forever.

Whether you understand her or not is irrelevant.

She is here to bring new worlds.

And you can’t stop her.

Not now or ever. 

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Read 6 comments and reply

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