November 7, 2020

It’s time to Reignite your Fire (you are not here for their Approval).

The childlike freedom that we were so fond of for years has disseminated into the depths of the fields where we can no longer capture its essence.

Back then, things felt so facile. We could spread our hands wide above us while letting out an unfaltering scream, knowing that we were truly free and accepted by nature.

As we age, we encounter all sorts of people. Every person has their own story, their own background, and their own baggage. We are likely to have this inner peace disturbed by someone else’s own projections, judgments, and tarnished sense of self.

I promise you that this doesn’t matter. The gremlins you start fighting aren’t other people; they are found within our own trenches.

The most efficacious way to reignite that childlike flame again is to focus only on the little girl or boy who is raising their hands in freedom from within.

Others will tell you how to ignite your flame, and more than likely, they will attempt to put it out. They will point fingers at you for misbehaving and make you feel that you are not worthy of this life.

Instead of pointing back, hold your fingers close to that fire and do not take the gusts of impostures. You have the power to keep your inner flame steady by shifting the focus to yourself.

Continue to look at yourself. Acknowledge your mistakes and know that we are all constantly growing. Don’t ignore other people—instead, acknowledge their suffering.

Happiness seems miles away, but it can be found within an arm’s reach.

Accept yourself and your fire within, no matter how small your flame sparkles, and know that only you can expand the heat.

Let that heat rise. Let it warm others who get close enough to feel its power, for even the coldest of souls can experience your glory. If they retreat or mock it, so be it. You are not here for their approval.

With the darkest of days ahead, we can still find joy in the dead of night. We can find warmth in the throes of winter. We can flourish on our own.

We are held captive by ourselves, and only we have the power to ignite our soul’s fire again.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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