November 15, 2020

This is How I’m Saving my Sanity this Holiday Season.

Christmas is just around the corner. 

This is a time when we become obsessed with the state of our home and the prospect of having family and friends over. (Except for those who are like me.)

My home is my sanctuary, and never will I ever Marie Kondo my organized chaos for societal acceptance.

Let me welcome you to my home on an ordinary Saturday afternoon:

When you knock on the door, I will meet you with the biggest smile and shriek of excitement. It is so good to see you!

There is a rack of shoes in the hallway immediately upon entering. If you didn’t know better, you might think you’ve entered a shoe store.

You may wish to take your shoes off, or you may choose to keep them on. I can always mop up or vacuum if you bring in some dirt.

Glance to your right, you will notice the pile of dishes in the kitchen sink from the brunch I have been whipping up over the last few hours. In the far corner, my collection of various teas compete for your attention.

The smell is divine—baked cheese, homemade sourdough, and fresh chai. A half-done charcuterie board piques your curiosity. There is more, of course, but we might exchange pleasantries before digging in.

The television blares in the background with “The Queens Gambit,” my current favorite Netflix show.

My living room welcomes you with two large and overflowing bookshelves, empty boxes, Poppy’s toys, colorful cushions, throws, and other bits and bobs.

Want to know something quirky? My Christmas tree stays up all year round as Poppy loves to sleep under it. It is as if it’s Christmas every day.

Curtains gently sway with the breeze from the windows.

You may wish to take a bathroom break and notice the large pile of laundry in the corner—overflowing like my two bookshelves. The paint is peeling, and the sink seems far too small, but the spacious bathtub is quite a relaxing feature.

Perhaps you take a peek into the bedroom and notice my unmade bed. There is something so cozy about a messy bed and a range of pillows and cushions strewn around the room.

Next to the bedroom is a small sunroom, and, boy, is it filled with glorious sunlight. My laptop sits shaded in a corner, inviting you to make yourself comfortable and write a passionate piece.

The wardrobe poses hints of unfolded clothes and barely hanging shirts and dresses. Having spent years of my childhood ironing my school uniform, it is a blessing to be able to roll my clothes into a ball and toss them into the wardrobe. It might be just me.

Ironing? No need. You will notice my clothing does not require ironing. Plus, I pull off that “ruffled” look quite well.

Let’s make our way back into the living room. Have a seat on the sofa facing the television and an old fireplace. Just above the fireplace is a beautiful painting of the beach. A small shelf displays a collection of crystals, candles, incense, a singing bowl, and more.

Stay as long as you like, eat as much as you want, there is always more where that came from.

There is joy in the organized chaos of an unmade bed, overflowing pile of laundry, peeling paint, and unfolded clothes.

I hope that you always find happiness in all that surrounds you in your home.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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