November 7, 2020

“Van Jones crying on CNN is all of us.”

We’re all Americans. We can afford to transition peacefully–if you can’t support that, ironically, you don’t get America.

Check this out: Here’s how the last one-term President conceded. 


“Van Jones crying on CNN is all of us. Please wear a mask if you’re going out to celebrate. Wash your hands and consider donating some money to your local food banks because Congress ain’t doing shit now until January and people are still suffering and hungry out there.”

“I’m getting choked up just watching him. A grown-ass man breaking down and bawling on CNN is somehow the most moving thing I’ve seen in a long time.”


Finally, 2020 comes through. Let’s reunify, let’s exile hate, let’s tackle climate change for all of us, and let’s restore our economy while saving lives.

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Read 20 comments and reply

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