December 7, 2020

3 Ways to Beat Impostor Syndrome & Lean into Inspiration.


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1. Follow the Inspiration and Get It Out

As soon as the spark of an idea or that first wave of inspiration hits, get it down on paper, speak it out loud, record it, move it through your body—whatever you need to express it, get it out of you. Do something to bring it out of the creative ether and place it into your physical hands. Even the smallest inclination will reveal itself to you as soon as you get it out because now it is in a form that you (we humans), can understand. Then, play along. Join in on the fun, explore, and play. See what happens! It may be nothing, and that’s okay. It’s worth it and arrived at “you” in the way it is supposed to.

2. Sit Down and Do: Create the Inspiration and Don’t Stop

My biggest challenge with writing is always learning how to do even when I’m not inspired to do it. Every book or article I’ve ever read about writing or creative work says, “Start. Just sit down and do it.” It sounds so simple, but I can find plenty of reasons not to start.

Just this week, I’ve set discipline for myself. I intentionally set aside time—even an hour—to dabble in my writing and create the content I want. I created a small, attainable goal of writing three articles. It starts to feel routine. Just like anything else. And I’ve had to learn this over and over again. Even if I’m not inspired, the act of writing and working on my craft is enough to inspire me and keep going. I am working that muscle either way.

3. Be Present to Pay Attention

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert beautifully describes the visual that ideas are floating around our heads in the divine universe ready to be grabbed. That at any time, anyone can reach up and pull down that idea, that story, that spark.

I’ve sat on many impulses and “signs” plenty of times. There is a saying, “We’re not given something until we’re ready.” While I do believe that statement, when are we ever really “ready?” Maybe I wasn’t able to grasp an idea or understand what my writing meant five years ago ( even five months ago! ) in the way I can now, to be able to shape it to its fullest potential.

I also believe that we sometimes simply have to act first. We can go and grab it and insert ourselves into that divine space to grab that spark. It’s a matter of following the instinct. To start really paying attention. Ground yourself with breath and be in the present moment. Listen to what your body is telling you. You will begin to realize that the little things happening around you are creating the through-line that’s all connected to your craft. It may be scary, but then that divine spark graces you and teaches you how to become the vessel it needs for it to live and breathe.


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