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December 22, 2020

Countdown to your life’s true beginning

Life throws all types of surprises at us, including being ‘trapped” in the Hallmark Christmas movie channel. I have never seen a Hallmark movie in my entire life, but have heard plenty of people talk about their new-found, but secret addiction to them. As life had it, and unforeseen circumstances (aka house fire) allowed it, I found myself channel surfing to get myself into a more upbeat mood and throw myself, hopefully, into the holiday spirit. I paused on the Hallmark channel and before I could stop myself, I was already glued to the story. Even worse, I kept “wanting” to watch more; HELP!! I couldn’t figure it out; these stories were extremely cheesy and predictable within the first 5 minutes, yet I could not turn away. I had absolutely nothing in common with any of these characters: I was not a sharp-dressed, successful business woman from big city with a perfect smile, hair and elaborate fashion wardrobe from a family who lives in a beautiful cottage with a mountain backdrop engulfed in a gorgeous winter wonderland scenery. I have no male competitor or ex-boyfriend from my teenage years, run a Christmas store or am an editor or designer of a big, well-known company. No! As a matter of fact, I could not identify with a single characters or relate to them in any way. Yet, there I was watching one movie after another, wishing I had their secret recipe on how to “hook” people into something they didn’t even ask for.

Then it hit me; it’s not the superficial storyline or airbrushed characters. It is the hidden story underneath it all that keeps us watching! Sure, we all want a happy ending and a happily ever after, but what we truly yearn for is reconnecting with ourselves! The common denominator in all these movies (besides sappy and unrealistic love stories) are the characters reflecting on themselves and their true passion and purpose. That I CAN relate to; that I want to discover for myself! That is the secret sauce! We all go through life running in a hamster wheel and almost live a Groundhog Day kind of life. We become trapped in a society that pulls us along like being caught by a wave and all we try to do is “survive.” When we get a glimpse of another possible reality for ourselves, our thoughts begin to wander and we think about our alter ego and parallel universe. These movies represent a moment in time we get to pause, reflect and imagine a different kind of life; one that we could lead if we merely dare to explore it. In a way, these Hallmark movies make us see what might be possible for us if we could open ourselves up to opportunities. So, get the popcorn, blankets, and hot chocolate out and keep watching; and also keep envisioning what is achievable for YOU. Dig deep, reflect, reconnect, and take action. Life is meant to be lived fully; why not have you actively participate in the outcome?

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