December 27, 2020

28 Reasons Why I am Not Saying Good Riddance to 2020.

Dear 2020,

You have been difficult, challenging, and unpredictable. You’ve tested us, to say the least. I am sure that many would like to wish you away, bid you farewell, not give you a second thought, and hope to never see you again.

I, on the other hand, choose not to do that. Instead, I would like to thank you for what you have taught us, brought to us, and helped us learn this year.

You have made us realise how much pressure we put on our planet Earth.

You have forced us to stop, slow our pace, and realise just how much pressure we were putting on ourselves, too.

You forced the rat race of life to stop, allowing us to reflect on how consumed we had become with things that are, in fact, not important.

You helped us stop, pause, take a breath, refocus, and reprioritise what or who is important to us.

You have taught us that we are able to adapt and adjust to changing environments, despite our beliefs that we might not be good with change.

You have made us realise that we are more resilient than we think.

You have taught us the importance of being comfortable in our own company.

You have made us realise that we don’t need a lot to survive and only actually need the essentials.

You have given us time to invest in ourselves instead of spending it being stuck in traffic or commuting to work.

You made us slow down and take time out to go for a walk, get fresh air and take a proper break throughout the day, making us realise just how long we were sitting in front of our desks.

You have helped us appreciate nature, fresh air, and freedom.

You have helped us understand that although we may glamourise living in a society that is 24/7, it comes at a cost. A cost to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

You have made us think about what needs our attention, what we need to let go of; what we have to move on from; and what healing we might still need to do.

You have taught us which family and friends really care and which ones, perhaps, we have to leave behind in 2020.

You have made us face our issues, problems, and difficulties by limiting our access to the distractions that interrupt our solitude.

You have made us realise that what we need is inner peace and not luxuries.

You have taught us that all the things we thought were important to us aren’t, and the people and places that we took for granted are actually what is important.

You have brought to our attention the selflessness, compassion, dedication, and commitment demonstrated by the key workers, medical staff, and teachers.

You have made us realise that it is the people working at the grassroots levels who have kept the country going, and not necessarily those sitting in higher paid jobs.

You have taught us that the world is full of kindness and gratitude when neighbours, family, and friends were doing doorstop deliveries.

You have taught us to communicate with people by looking them in their eyes—because they can’t always hear us through our masks.

You have helped to teach us how to smile using our eyes.

You have taught us to never take for granted the comfort, warmth, and reassurance that one single hug can give us.

You have made us think about the power of human touch and how important it is for us all.

You have made us realise that despite all the gadgets, devices, or technology, none can replace human interaction and connection.

You have taught us that the love we have for each other gives us the strength, the drive, the motivation, and the determination to keep on going.

You have taught us that when we come together, we can and will survive.

You have taught us that together, we are stronger.

Dear 2020, you have been a challenging year. But in the end, love wins!

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Read 3 comments and reply

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