December 28, 2020

How to Stop letting Triggers Control our Happiness.

To be an observer means watching without reacting.

It’s about being able to watch events unfold while not giving in to emotional triggers and insecurities.

To identify with something means to make it personal. To make it real. A Course in miracles written by Helen Schucman says,

“Nothing real can be threatened,

nothing unreal exists,

herein lies the peace of God.”

Everything we see playing out in our lives stems from the stories we tell ourselves. We believe that we need to be afraid because we were hurt in the past, or things didn’t work out the way we wanted or expected. We usually end up going through similar situations, time and time again, because we have not healed the original wound.

What that paragraph above from the quoted book means is that everything we see in our lives is an illusion. We make it real by believing that it is real. We enter into illusion by asking why this is happening, and who can I blame? We enter into illusion by giving in to our fears and being led by our ego. We use the power of our imagination against ourselves, rather than allowing it to work for us.

What’s real and true is that we are an expression of our spirit. What’s real is that we are born from love and are an eternal soul having a temporary human experience. We are so much bigger than the body we are inhabiting right now.

This life and everything that happens is temporary and fleeting.

Our five senses and our ego will do everything they can to keep us focused on the past, the future, and all the stories we tell ourselves. Our job is to see beyond the illusions they present to us and to know that we have the power to cocreate our reality.

We are always creating. We constantly use our imagination for good or for bad. We create storylines that empower or disempower us.

It’s ingrained in us to show how we care by getting angry and taking aggressive action. We have a belief in the back of our minds that if we don’t react, it must mean that we don’t care.

We need to heal this and understand that we are all somehow creating in every moment. We are either standing in our power and creating from an authentic place, or we are being led by our insecurities and creating from a place of fear.

I care deeply about what’s happening in the world and all the people who have and are suffering so much. I also care deeply about my state of mind. I know that when I’m peaceful, I am able to better hear my guidance and follow it. I’m done giving my peace away to mine or someone else’s fears and insecurities. I’m also better able to discern truth from the false when I observe from a place of neutrality.

There’s a lot of chaos in the world right now, and each of us will make decisions based on what we know and what we choose to experience.

Being the observer, rather than identifying with what’s happening and taking it personally, allows us to stay calm. It cultivates our inner awareness, connection to spirit, and allows us to create from a loving space rather than being tossed around by the events and triggers of the day.

It allows us to hear the guidance we are getting in the form of inspiration through the power of our imagination and to take guided action.

Stay present.

Stay strong.

Stay peaceful.

Stay loving.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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