December 13, 2020

How to Trust Ourselves & Build the Future of our Dreams.

How do we trust that something will come to fruition if we can’t see evidence of it happening yet?

Whether we ask or not, this question plays a huge part as we strive to create the future we desire. Most of us know what we want and what we don’t want. Sure, there are many things we have yet to decide. But in general, we know we want things like excellent health, loving relationships, and at least, enough money to provide for ourselves and our families.

Yet, so many of us forget what it really takes for these things to materialize.

We live in a society where we aren’t used to waiting long to find out about the weather, order an audiobook straight to our device, access the exact recipe we need, or communicate instantly with a few touches of a button. We experience a culture of instant gratification. We desire, and we receive.

We have to apply a different approach for the things we desire that aren’t instant, like expertise in a career field we are passionate about, finding a loving partner, or achieving monetary abundance.

To obtain the most meaningful things we desire, it takes a deep level of trust that it will happen. It also requires that we surrender largely to how and when it will work out.

We spend so much time focused on controlling all the little details along the path to the outcome that—no surprise—we are so exhausted. Most have forgotten that to get to where we genuinely want to go, we have to return to where we are in this moment of time.

It’s about taking the time to visualize the dream future and think about how that future feels—and then embody those feelings right now. It’s about coming back to the moment we find ourselves in and asking ourselves what resistance we hold in our bodies that keep us apart from those feelings. It’s about asking ourselves how open our hearts are to letting those feelings, and therefore, those experiences in. Because if we aren’t open enough right now, then how can we be open enough to allow them to materialize in the future?

Therefore, our dream futures either won’t come to light or, even if they do through enough arduous action, we won’t have figured out a way to appreciate it enough to enjoy it anyway.

The key is genuinely finding ways to appreciate everything we have now, even if it’s not perfect. Because it will never be perfect. We are all having a human experience that guarantees at least some pain.

But when we come back to the present moment, to our breath, to the calm, steady roots deep below the blowing branches full of thoughts and worries, we connect to the loving current that is in alignment with our higher selves. And these higher selves are the selves of our dreams who live the lives we only imagined were possible. It turns out that these selves were here, within us, all along.

To get to where we want to go, come back to where we are—again and again. Feel that love that is always here for us. That love is the current we want to ride as we make choices and take action.

Keep taking steps from that place, find enjoyment in the process, and know that as long as you stay on that path, it will all work out—because it already has.


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