December 5, 2020

Twin Flame or Cop-Out? Why we Hold onto Love that isn’t Right for Us.

We may go about our day without thinking much about how our actions affect other people on an emotional and psychological level, but they do.

Not only that, but our actions, behaviour, and what we are willing to allow is what sets our standards. It’s where we give others permission for how they may treat us.

In my experience, and in this instance, I will be diving into personal relationships more so than business, and so, as a golden rule, it’s always good to remember what comes around, goes around—no matter what the circumstances. And there are no exceptions.

When we take time to reflect on our past relationships, we will see patterns unfold in the type of partners we have chosen. There are always patterns that repeat themselves, and this won’t change unless we realize and enforce clearer boundaries through healing past trauma on a physical, emotional, or psychological level.

When looking at relationships from a third person perspective, we will find that one person will always be more in love than the other. There’s one partner who will always give more and appreciate more than the other.

Why is this?

In the beginning, when meeting someone new, we may find that there’s a strong feeling of familiarity toward that individual, which brings feelings and emotions that simply cannot be explained. It feels like you were destined to meet. You can see the entire relationship unfold in front of you as if it was meant to be, and you see potentials you didn’t see with anyone else.

Here’s where we see the twin flame journey of hope and longing begin. Why there is a “runner” and a “chaser.”

The term “twin flames” is defined as two individuals cut from the same cloth (soul) who recognize each other on a soul level because, from a higher perspective, that is exactly what they are—incarnated to have different experiences. They are so alike that, upon meeting, the one recognizes the other on that soul level.

It’s simply undeniable!

But one or the other may not be ready for the relationship or don’t see what you see. They don’t feel what you feel. I personally think that assigning the label of “twin flame” may also be a cop-out to stick around longer than we are really meant to.

Either way, we are at a loss. We’ve found something we desire that may give us fulfilment and yet it’s out of reach. We hang onto that glimmer of hope that they may also awaken to the fact that you are destined to be together.

You often think of each other. You’ll find that the meeting has most definitely awakened something within each of you, but at the same time, it’s a feeling of the unknown that’s holding each of you back.

Another typical scene is one in which we find ourselves deeply in love with an individual only to find that they are in love with another, or simply, not feeling the connection as we are.

When there’s more than one person involved in the karmic cycle, their love interest, if they have one, will be the runner and will not be interested in them, just as you may not interested in another love interest chasing you.

We end up in a cycle of chasing happiness. It’s like no matter what we do, it feels just out of reach. We’re longing for belonging and want to have love so badly that we settle for the next best thing.

It’s rare that couples can say, “I have found the one.”

Now that we may be more enlightened, boundaries in relationships allow for change and growth. When saying “no,” we are honouring our feelings and speaking up for ourselves and our needs. We are showing our standards.

Don’t let that go because of so-called “love,” as it will be the wrong type of love that will only reinstate behaviours we find unacceptable. I’m sure you know what I mean—letting unacceptable behaviour slide because we are blindfolded by love.

We shouldn’t waste energy when we are not getting any in return. We should give as much as another is willing to give, and in doing so, we will hopefully find our equal.

Ultimately, the only relationship of importance here is the relationship with ourselves. No matter how much of a cliché that may sound, we’ll see the respect that will be given to us when we respect ourselves; we will see the kindness that is given to us when we also give it in return.

And so the karmic circle of life will forever be a mirror.


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