December 18, 2020

Let’s Manifest a Brilliant 2021 (using the Elements).

It’s the end of 2020! 

After the year we’ve had, we are all ready for a major change. It’s time to create anew. 

Let’s turn to the topic of manifestation. Some people think it’s “magic” and are quick to dismiss it; others swear by it.

But what happens when manifestation techniques don’t work? I’ve experienced it. I am sure that you have too!

We follow the steps. Do all the things! And…nothing. So, we end up frustrated—back at square one. Ready to go through the motions (again).

Why? Because we are human. And human beings have desires. That desire can be for love, safety, abundance, and health. But all of those universal energies will manifest differently in any given person because we are all unique beings on our own individual soul journeys.

The great thing is that there are several keys to experiencing successful manifestations. And other tools can be added to any manifestation practice to give it an added boost.

Here are three keys to successful manifestation:

1. Gratitude

It’s as simple as understanding how energy works. Whatever we place our attention and focus on expands. This one sounds simpler than it is in practice. We are all conditioned to overlook examples of ease and flow in our lives. Particularly if they seem to be obtained “too easily.”

But looking at how you already have things to be grateful for will open you up to greater levels of gratitude. And, ultimately, more manifestations to be grateful for!

Start by making a list of three to five things that you are grateful for every morning. Make them different every day.

Get this down. Take your time! I suggest three weeks of creating a morning ritual around this, then you can add in an evening practice of expressing gratitude for three things that you experienced during your day.

As the days go on, this may become more challenging, but stick with it! The more creative you can get about all the ways instances to be grateful for have shown up, the more you will expand your ability to create new things to express gratitude for.

2. Declutter…your psyche

This little item is the one that most people miss!

Decluttering the mind. 

Everyone is busy doing. Reciting the affirmation or mantra. Lighting the candle. Burning the incense. Setting intentions on the New Moon. Releasing on the Full Moon. We, humans, have the ingrained tendency to be “busy” when often what is needed is to be still.

We manifest from our subconscious.

Our subconscious mind is the real engine behind our manifestations. Why? Because this is where we store ingrained tendencies, limiting beliefs, patterns of behavior, and traumas that define who we see ourselves as. And ultimately, what we believe we are worthy and deserving of.

How do we unpack and ultimately declutter our minds?

We start by being mindful of our thoughts. Then we get specific about where these thoughts and beliefs are coming from. 

We ask ourselves: is this mine? Does this come from my family upbringing? Society? 

Going deep into the root of these limiting beliefs is the key to releasing them. We release by becoming aware, exercising mindfulness, and gently allowing ourselves to choose new thinking patterns when we encounter triggers. And doing so without judgment, guilt, or shame. Consistently cleaning the slate makes our intentions more powerful. We are thereby making manifesting easier.

3. Embodiment

You’ve been practicing gratitude, actively seeking out rogue, limiting beliefs, and releasing them with grace. Now comes the good part: connecting with your physical body. We are physical beings, after all, so feeling into our desires is part of making them material.

Start by employing your senses to feel the energies you are seeking to manifest. Once you can feel them, see where in your physical body you experience them. Then you can expand on them.

Feel yourself energized and enlivened by that energy and actively choose to experience that—every moment, every day. Be on the lookout for proof of alignment with your intentions. It can be a compliment. A kind word from a friend.

You can keep a running list on your phone of those alignments, returning to them as needed. The more you feel the love, abundance, safety, and well-being in your physical body—perceiving how it all is mirrored back to you—the more you will manifest.

Working with the Four Elements:


Fire is the creative spark—the beginning point on your manifestation journey. Work with the energy of fire by lighting a white candle when you’re writing your intentions. Or you can get specific and intentional by doing this practice.

Start by closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths. As you’re breathing, envision yourself being grounded into the safety of Mother Earth. Bring your attention to your sacral chakra—about 2-3 inches below your navel.

Envision a bright, orange-colored flame. See this flame, give it a texture, a temperature, a smell—connect it with the fire within you. Feed this fire any doubts, anxieties, worries you may have.

See it growing larger and brighter until it envelops you in warmth, passion, creativity, and motivation.

Open your eyes. Write your intentions. Or, if you already have them, recite them aloud.


Air is what fuels the fire of your desires. Air is your mind —your thoughts and words. Activate this element by using an aromatic spray on yourself, in your space, or both. Lighting your favorite incense is also a way of connecting with the air element.

Or play inspirational music (sound bowls and mantras) in the background while working or relaxing. If you search “solfeggio” or “binaural beats” on YouTube, you will find hours of content; many will be aligned to your intention!

Leaving these playing in your home while you go about your day allows the frequency of your space to be attuned.


Water represents ease and flow, as well as our emotions. It is the embodiment of receiving energy. When we work with this element, we remind ourselves of the importance of allowing ourselves to receive.

By feeling into our bodies and embodying the energies we are manifesting, we activate the element of water. Anointing your body with customized blends of essential oils aligned to your intentions is another powerful way of incorporating water into your manifestation work. These blends can also be added to a soothing salt bath to further the activation.


Ah, the grounding energy of the Earth. It serves to calm and envelop us in protection. Earth represents the physical manifestation of your intentions. Thought made physical.

Just as electricity must be grounded to be conducted, we need to ground ourselves into Mother Earth in order to utilize the energies we intend on manifesting into our experience. Connect with earth energy by taking a walk in nature, tending to a plant or your garden, or working with crystals.

Always remember that it is the intent behind each one of your actions that is important. Infuse every moment with beauty and sacred mindfulness. Create rituals around your routine and live every day fully embodied. (Watch how your life transforms.) 

Happy manifesting!

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