December 13, 2020

341 Words to Carry us through Life.

When sleep comes, we give ourselves permission to evolve into darkness.

We let go of all the bridges, the valleys we wish to cross, and our dreams.

We allow ourselves the gift of rest, returning to the breath. We allow our minds to wander without control into the abyss of darkness and curious dreams.

When we wake in the morning, we slowly begin to step back into our minds’ voice and consciousness. We dress ourselves not just in our clothes, but in our worries, masks, and all the things we left by our bedside as we rested.

We look outside ourselves and the windows, longing to be by the stars or the sun but not realising we are the ones holding ourselves back—as we adorn ourselves with yesterday’s news.

Not realising that we invisibly walk wrapped in all the things we wish to control.

Not realising that by keeping these things close, we think we can manage them, but they actually keep us living all the things we wish to avoid.

Surrender. What a beautiful divine word.

As life goes on, we are not in control. We must stop worrying as if the asteroids may hit—allow divine grace to enter.

The more we trust, the more joyous we become.

The more we worry, the denser, heavier, darker, and limited we become.

Instead of feeling fear, be delighted that something new is being born at every second. For what is chaos and disharmony, the universe is reordering to match more of what we dreamed. It is a necessary part of rebirth.

Let go when it asks, and take peace in the unfolding.

Fear is useless, and trust is paramount. We are cocreators, but we are at its mercy.

We must learn to trust.

It does not mean we give up our best life or give up in adversity. It means simply to let go of the hold it has on us and keep working with intention.

Let go of the stress and surrender to the fruits of life unfolding through the chaos.


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