December 25, 2020

The Vegan who Stole Christmas.

Ah, vegans—the perennial spoilsports!

But they are even more of a pain in the ass during the Holidays. Traditions in most cultures revolve around food. And why would we want to change anything about our traditions? Isn’t that the definition of “tradition”—something that continues on and that we’ve cherished for generations?

Well, except for things we change for our convenience. Convenience—a critical keyword. But I’m not going to get into a pro-vegan/anti-vegan rant here. We’ve had enough of a hard time this year.

But vegans. They don’t care. They are at it again this Holiday season. I would’ve thought they’d give us a break in 2020.

I was intrigued when I found this video online—the title drew me in. And what makes it even more interesting is that the guy in the video seems rather soft and kind and nonaggressive. (Ha, as if that was even possible for vegans to do!) So I kept going and watched it until the end. I recommend that everybody watch it.

Finally, a vegan who can talk without shaming and guilting others!

Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas?
Well, a dream that shall remain.
As Christmas is stained red, not because of Rudolf’s nose or Santa’s sleigh
But because of the blood that is spilled for those slain for our Christmas day.

~ Earthling Ed

* Author’s note: this is intended to be a satirical piece. The author believes in nonselective compassion and aspires for a world where no one has to endure unnecessary pain and murder, even if it means changing traditions. And now with so many non-meat alternatives, we can keep our traditions intact, yet absolve ourselves of the sin of murder. And share the Holiday cheer with all sentient beings. If we have switched from cooking from scratch to store-brought/quick to fix Holiday meal options, it won’t hurt to switch from dead animals to plant-based options.

Happy Holidays! To all sentient beings.



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Read 11 comments and reply

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