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December 24, 2020

This is No Flu. This was a Fight. {Poem}

I don’t know how it happened
But it did
9 months of vigilance
Of masks
Of hand washing
Of 6 feet apart
And it still happened
And I was afraid
Who will take care of my dragons
Who will make sure they fly
And breathe fire
If I die
I had conversations
Hard conversations
Necessary conversations
This is the folder
These are the passwords
This is who you call
This is my Will
You will be ok
We have a family
A village
We are loved
But at night
The weight of
Single parenthood
Like a cinder block
On my chest
Heavy with the unknown
Heavy with shame
Heavy with pain
This is no flu
This is being hit
By a train
This is
Out of breath walking
To the bathroom
This is turning off the news
Hearing the daily death count
Is too much
This was anger
This was grief
This was missing my Daddy
This was not wanting to worry
My Mom
This was abundant gratitude
For every meal delivered
For paper goods
disinfectants on my doorstep
For flowers
And care packages
Text messages
And phone calls
For my babies
Taking care of me
Taking care of each other
This was love
In action
This was a healing of body
This was a fight
To only be
1 in 17 million
And not
1 in

My dragons and I are mending
Grateful for every day
For every bit of love that has covered us
We are lucky
We are at home
We pray that if you read this
You keep fighting too
You keep wearing your mask
You keep your distance
You keep your family
Your friends
The pandemic isn’t over
Because it’s Christmas
Because there is a vaccine
Because you are tired
It is real
It is still happening
It happened to me


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Read 5 comments and reply

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