December 21, 2020

What’s Really Blocking us from Manifesting Everything we Want & Dream About.

Have you ever thought about how many people are currently sitting and wishing, hoping, and praying for a time in their life where they get to live out their greatest desires?

At some point, all aspects of our physical lives start as a thought and morph into something physical. We call this physical manifestation.

We think of something that we desire and make it a reality.

I’ve been thinking about all the fears that I have when I turn to daydreaming and why those daydreams seem to stay in the small arena of my mind and imagination. My awareness has opened me up to my fear of change, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, and fear of abandonment or losing something—all that my trauma has been able to cover up in this life, which I have only been able to picture so far.

Within the times that I sit and dream, sit and imagine, and visualise these dreams, sometimes I take great joy from the escape from reality into the depth of my desires, but other times, it’s as if I am only living a life that will never actually come true. I often find myself wanting to escape my dream life of imagination because I feel like I’m being teased as to what I don’t have—coming full force from the lack mindset and even fuller force of not believing that I can obtain such a radial life.

While I have uncovered these fears, it’s as if they are only hiding me from my true potential, which is often broadcasted over social media. And many coaches teach on the subject of allowing ourselves to become all that we desire, and even how to manifest these parts of ourselves into the physical relativity of humanness.

I have decided that manifestation is real, our dreams can and will become our reality, and our fear is definitely the factor that is blocking and holding the door shut from all these experiences flowing toward us.

But my thought to all this is simple. Even to the point that it may be so simple that it could be unbelievably unrealistic. But I look at it from the perspective that within our subconscious mind, we do know—explicitly, honestly, deeply knowthat anything we want will and wants to manifest and be in the tangible world.

The thing stopping this is indeed ourselves, but with knowing that our real fear is that all these dreams and fantasies are true. We fear that they are real; we fear that they are just as real as the ground we walk on and the thoughts we think; these images in our minds are just as real, and with that fear of the realness, our personal fear steams into the forefront of our minds.

We fear more so that they will come true than we fear that they will not.

We fear that they will show up and they will be ours, more so than them not happening at all.

We fear that they will come so unexpectedly, so abruptly, and so beautifully that we just fear messing it all up.

I look at our fear as to our own preparedness, worthiness, ability, and enoughness as only a shield to what we know to be true—that being that we deeply know our magic and our power. And we know that if these things really, truly show up, we’re worried whether we’ll be able to keep it around or appreciate it or lose it or f*ck it all up.

We are so commonly told that to have what it is we desire we have to act as if it’s here—as if it’s real—and as if it is already ours. I have found that in order to pursue this mindset, you really do have to understand that we also fear it actually is as if.

Fear is a complex subject when it comes to the world of manifestation, healing, spirituality, and fate; it’s real for all us humans who recognize that it has so much control over our being. This has actually allowed us to turn our greatest power into something that we no longer believe in or want to see.

Our greatest power being the reality of having everything we want.

We have immersed ourselves into the human experiences so much so that we are not able to believe in ourselves enough to have what is it we want, to live the life we pray for, the one we spend time journaling about.

The fear is held in knowing that we are powerful. We fear our abilities to have what we want because to see what’s underneath all that, it also has to reveal our feelings of inadequacy that we hold within our hearts.

We push away the good out of the belief that we are not able to have it. We close ourselves to receiving as we believe that we have not earned it. We put up the wall to love because we believe that we will mess it up and it will slip through our fingers and only we will be to blame.

What if instead, we owned the fact that we are the great manifesters. That our power itself is worthy of being used, and even when these great things show up, even if they so happen to leave, to change, to not be what was expected, that we honour that. We honour what we have learned instead of place blame as to what had caused it to be.

What if we allowed the universe to hand-deliver all that is meant for us and we were able to just fully accept what came of it. Fully lean into all that it has to offer until the time that it is no longer in need and we are sent to explore the next amazing experience.

The fear that we hold is one of our own being.

We fear the manifestation coming true. We block it, push it away, and tell ourselves it will never be, as a way to protect ourselves as well as others that may be involved, as we hold our sense of meaning in being able to ensure that we don’t hurt anybody.

But maybe we are only hurting ourselves, only keeping our own souls in the depths of daydreams and visions to make up for all that we are scared to live in reality.

This is not a skill to be picked up in a day. This is not a belief that all will carry. It is certainly not one all of us may learn in this lifetime.

The practice is something that we must learn to trust—trust ourselves and our own ability to be able to handle what it is that comes our way, trust that what is here is meant for us, and trust that nothing that we ask for is selfish.

We are powerful; it’s the ability to see that, in order to have all that we desire, there will be things we outgrow—that we have to let go. Because if we want to experience all that we desire in this lifetime, then we can’t be standing still in an experience that only checks off one of the boxes.

We must keep living, keep embracing, and know that we are doing the best we can. There is a life filled with new experiences waiting for us.

Are you ready?



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Read 4 comments and reply

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