January 13, 2021

342 Words for Anyone who Needs to Love Themselves a Little Bit More.


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Author’s note: I recently wrote a love letter to myself as part of a homework assignment for my Reiki master training. It was an extremely therapeutic process and ended up being a piece I’m really proud of. May it be of benefit!

In the early days, you betrayed me.

You put everyone else ahead of me, and you didn’t know how to love me. But there was always something inside you that knew you needed more, that wanted to do better. 

So I waited for you…

I watched you get your heart broken and break others. I watched you throw away relationships because you felt unlovable. I watched you struggle and I watched you numb. I witnessed the pain and suffering that your pre-programmed world imposed on you. 

I’ve been here through it all, waiting for you to find me, but for the longest time, you chose him.  

The day you left him was hard. It was the first time we felt pain together. It was the first time we felt truly alone. This was the day I knew I loved you more than anyone else. This was the day you found me. 

You had to tear your heart open, you had to be alone, you had to relearn how to love in order to find me, and you did. Slowly and persistently, you found your way home to me.

I’m so grateful for the woman you have become. I’m so grateful you can look in the mirror and see our love. You have brought so much depth and richness into an otherwise shallow existence. Your presence alone fills me with ease. 

When you share your love with me, I am healed. When you give me your time, I am content. When you see me—the way I’ve always seen you—I know our love will never die. 

We’ve been in love for years now, and although we’ve been through the wringer, we’ve grown stronger in the process. Together, we have found peace. We’ve laid the bricks, one by one, to build an unbreakable foundation. We’ve planted the seeds for a lifetime of love and joy.

I promise you, the garden we grow together in this new world of yours will bloom for all of time—and for all of time, we are mine.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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