January 10, 2021

We Needed a Voice to Call us Together—& we Found it in Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It’s been a week—one that no one expected because it’s 2021 now, right?

We are all exhausted, saddened, and utterly speechless about the lengths someone would go to remain in power, and also the crimes some would commit to help him.

We needed a voice to call us all together, to tell us that yes, this was horrible, but there’s hope, and here’s why. 

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has done just that. He created a beautiful, heartfelt message to our country and to the world.

Watching it, I cried tears of sadness, and also tears of hope. Hope that this message—that our democracy, the beacon of the world—will only grow stronger after this test, and will be heard by all Americans. That together, shoulder-to-shoulder, we will step forward as one nation and unite to uphold everything we believe in, and to hold those accountable who would do it harm out of selfishness and greed

We all, no matter our political affiliation, need to wish our next president success, because his success means America’s success, and therefore our success.

We are in this together. Let’s remember that.


Check out Waylon’s take on Schwarzenegger’s speech here


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Read 7 comments and reply

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