January 1, 2021

How Social Media is Effing us Up (& What we Really Need to Focus on this Year).

Here we are. 

It’s the start of a new year again. The resolutions are flying around, and social media is an exaggerated highlight reel of all the “amazing things” that magically happened to your friends this year. (It’s painful to watch.)

It’s easy to feel like you must be doing something wrong if you don’t have the same outcome.

Newsflash! You are being bombarded by a false sense of reality. 

Change is slow, and growth takes time. The success that you see around you is the product effort, tears, time, and probably a few breakdowns and empty bottles of wine. You’re seeing the end result, not the process. 

Before you begin “dry January,” or promise yourself that you’re going to fit in a workout every day or jump back on Hinge, I want you to take a minute. 

Consider adding these two critical elements to your life (they might help you move a little closer to your goals and self-care):

>> Self-Care 

A critical act of self-care that most people miss when they are doing goal-setting (especially around health and fitness) is setting realistic expectations. Realistic expectations are a radical act of self-care because they set you up for success. When you feel the emotional pain of not having something that you want, it is easy to want to jump to the end-point by taking steps that are too big. Small steps that are easy to achieve will help you build on your success—get to your goal faster. 

>> Support

The second element to add to your goal-setting strategy is support. If you’ve tried to do the same thing more than a few times—without much success—it probably means you need more support in that area. It’s easy to feel like needing support means that you can’t “do it on your own.” Or that getting help to achieve your goals makes them “less meaningful.” Those things aren’t true. 

That is your internal, mental resistance trying to protect you from change. If you knew how to make the change, you would have already. Adding a little support to your life can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. 

Don’t let yourself suffer alone when you could thrive with a little help. 

Remember, you are the one who decides what success looks like for you, not social media. Make this year the year you move the needle in the direction you choose by adding self-care and support to your life. 

Take small steps (and do it with a friend)! 

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Read 2 comments and reply

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