January 27, 2021

Because She Loves Herself.

I am an ocean of infinite waters

I am also the tides rolling onto shore

guided and influenced by the magic of the moon

Sometimes I am the feminine chaos—

the wild woman who will roar louder than your bite

But I am also the feminine wisdom—

The wise crone who knows—

who knows the depths of the cosmos because she knows the depths of herself

And I am also feminine intuition

I am the mystic who resides in the juices of intuition and channels sacred knowledge to remind us that we can do the same in our own unique power


I will not be the woman to surface talk about shallow materialism when my heart flows deeper than the Grand Canyon

I will not be the woman who sits in the shadows with her tongue and her body squeezed tightly in suppression because of others’ programming and wounding


Instead—I’ll be the woman wearing her womb on her sleeve

Speaking her high perspective truth from a place of none other than unwavering universal love that radiates from her ovaries

I’ll be the woman embodying the divine birthright of her sexuality

And marveling in it

Celebrating and honoring it with hips wide open and dancing to rhythms of sacred instruments and sounds—

drinking in the ecstasy that is life

I’ll be the woman with her heart blossomed open like a wildflower to the sunshine

And this woman exists because she is doing the work,

because she plummets into the depths of her most catastrophic fires and yet still rises up again

and again just as the Phoenix does

because she represents the embodied Goddesses

because she represents inner freedom, authentic truth, and courageous pathways of healing

because she knows she is infinite energy in a beautifully crafted finite body

And she showers her human body with divine tribute as much as she does to the cosmos and the stars

So in honor and gratitude of this—she loves the entire world

The entire gorgeous, wonderous, chaotic, ruthless, sick, beautiful world

All of it

Because she has the capacity

Because she wants to

Because she can

Because she loves herself.

This is the depths of the feminine.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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