January 28, 2021

Dear Little One: I See You & You are Always with Me.

Dear little one, I hope you know how amazing you are.

I hope that when you grow up, you will see that the world is yours. That your dreams, your aspirations, and your thoughts matter—they are important.

I want you to know that your soul is here to make a change, a difference, and assist in all that the earth is calling for.

As you get older, you will veer off in many directions, unable to tell which one is meant for you. That is okay. You will be okay. You are learning. I can tell you that there will be bumps in the road, and there will be moments that you feel as though you will not survive. I am here to promise you that you will. You are safe. These moments, as hard as they will be, will only set you further free. The strength you will gain and the peace that it will bring will be worth it as you release the burdens and fear that shadow your courageous heart.

You will be set on a path of discovery where you will be navigating space that is foreign to you. You will be tapping into creativity, love, and life, like you may not currently be able to believe. And even while it is happening in your reality, while you sit there thinking about how far you have come, that amount of awe that you will be able to capture will only be minimal compared to what will be taking place behind what you may see.

You will still be left unknowing of all the impact that you will create and all that you have given. So, I ask you to remember this, that the miracles that come your way will be blessed, and the miracles you give out will be loving. Although you may not always see the effect that you have on those around you, you will learn to trust that it is there. That your presence is so filled with light that it will not be possible for you to comprehend.

As you gain your footing, life will begin to magically unfold. You will be amazed by what will begin to occur because where you are now, as a young soul, you are not ready to know what that journey includes, as you may shy away.

In that case, it has not yet been placed into your imagination’s repertoire, but do not worry, little one, time will pass and will reveal all. You will find that all your dreams will begin to shift as the universe allows you to see and as you are ready to receive. Remember that all is happening in due time, that it all is given to us in perfect timing, just as you are given to the world and placed into others’ lives in perfect timing.

I would like to tell you that I think of you often. That you, my little soul, are an innocent being of this life. I reflect on that as I grow older and see you in a different light. I connect deeper with you to keep me young. I have learned that your spirit is nothing but pure, and your soul is light, and I have lost that ability to see that, as I have not been able to see that within myself—but I am here now to let you know that I see you. I lost it through many trials and many fears. But now, I am so happy and so grateful to be here to reconnect with you. To tell you, you are not alone.

I underestimated you, little one. I truly did. I thought you were in need of protection, of help. I closed you off from all that made you happy because a part of me thought I knew best. I rejected the things you felt called toward because I had believed that it would be taken away from you. I thought that not letting you have it at all was the safest option; I didn’t want you to get hurt. I was wrong. I am sorry.

I see now that your abilities and pureness were not captured by my being, as I was not able to extend such freeness or love. I see now that your desires and love of all things beautiful was what you needed to embrace, whether or not it would last forever; you knew and still know what will bring joy to your heart.

I now know that you are safe. That you are beautifully unique and admirably strong. I see you as my own hero as I reconnect with your playfulness and joy. Your zest for life has me more excited than I have ever been able and open to feeling. I am looking forward to all the time that we get to spend together from now until forever, and grateful to no longer be estranged. That with you, I will be met with so many opportunities, laughs, growth, and fulfillment.

I underestimated you, little one. I convinced you that you were not worthy of happiness, of love, of creativity, of imagination, of playfulness. I kept you cooped up in a box of fear for so long. I vow to set you free. To heal my heart in order to allow you to fully live.

I trust you. You will guide us to the most incredible people, places, and opportunities. I trust you and your heart to know what is best for us. To know what it is we genuinely want and playfully need.

You are still young, and I would like you to let me nurture your intelligence and connection to all things. Let me be your protector in places that you need to be protected, but let me be your grounding force as you lift into the new realms and spaces of a blossoming life. I will be your body, but you will be my guide. I will support and no longer shield.

You, little one, you are special. You are a teacher; you are a healer; you are a medium of love. You and I, neither of us know what is coming forth into our lives just yet, as I am not yet grown. But our spirit is young, and it is ready.

I am told that we have so much to accomplish and so much to see. We have people to meet and love to give. I hope that you will take this ride with me. Fully and unconditionally. Filled with patience and forgiveness when I slip into old patterns and even more love when I open up to your youthful presence.

I bless you in all that you are, and I thank you for being the light that drives us into the magic.


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Read 7 comments and reply

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