January 2, 2021

Hope & Possibilities: Your Career & Love Horoscope for 2021.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


2020 wasn’t the perfect year, and it definitely wasn’t the year we had all hoped for.

But we have all come out stronger, wiser, and prepared to face challenges and difficulties in a wiser manner.

The year 2021 won’t be as stressful as 2020. Still, we might face some challenges in the first two months, but after February and around spring, there will be positive changes, and the year will hold positive surprises to many of us.

Planetary twists and turns will bring us a lot of healing and growth, but we must be aware before making any choices or taking any big leaps if we wish to transform our lives and the world for the better.

For the first time in many years, Saturn and Jupiter are meeting in an air sign (Aquarius), so be ready for more freedom, expression, expansion, justice, and new beginnings.

We start the year in the age of Aquarius, which means change, revolution, and progress. But patience is needed as we ride through some personal, political, and social adjustments.

However, whatever the planets hold for us this year, remember we are the only ones who can dictate our own destiny. We are in charge of our own thoughts and emotions, so I hope this year will bring all of us the wisdom and patience we need to ride through the tides of transformation.

Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect in 2021:


Career. This year, Aries, you are wanted. A lot of opportunities will present themselves to you. After some financial loss last year, you will get plenty of new projects in 2021 that will make you a good amount of money. Follow your intuition and trust that you are smart and talented enough to succeed in your work.

Love. You’re a charming prince in 2021, so it will be an exceptional year when it comes to romance. You might try different dating approaches, enter a stable relationship, or start a new business with your existing partner. Overall, plenty of unexpected, happy romantic surprises are on the horizon.


Career. Taurus, this is the year of money and leadership. You will be offered unexpected opportunities at work that could involve traveling. Dreams and goals will come true this year, and money will flow your way from unexpected sources. You’re a fighter who’s patient and wise, so if you want to make your dreams come true, you need to be less stubborn and more flexible.

Love. An exciting year in terms of love and relationships. In 2021, you will get an unparalleled support from your lover, and you might even start a project or a business together. You should always remember to solve your problems within your mind first before addressing them. Most importantly, don’t look back to the past, and don’t let anything break your willingness and courage. The month of May, especially, will hold a lot of surprises and happy moments for you.


Career. Gemini, this is your much awaited year. Everyone will recognize your talents, and you will receive support that will bring you astonishing opportunities right to your doorstep. You will receive a promotion or a raise you have always wanted, but be careful and don’t compromise your own lifestyle. Also, you will generate money from different sources. In a nutshell, 2021 is a productive year.

Love. 2021 is charming, and you will meet people from different cultures or outside your comfort zone. Lots of new experiences are waiting for you, and you might meet someone who could bring you hope, excitement, and turn your life upside down. However, the two eclipses in your relationships house in May and December will cause you a good deal of confusion. You will be lost whether you should stay or leave. Try not to lose sight of reality and act with rationality so you can make the right decision.


Career. The sky’s the limit this year. After a difficult year physically, financially, and emotionally, you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will get a lot of offers on a silver platter, so keep your eyes and mind open, and choose wisely. You will be blessed with money this year, and cash will probably come through some inheritance or investment. You’ll also make a big move to a new office or home by the middle of the year.

Love. You might face some difficulties in your relationship, but you also have the opportunity to fix what’s wrong and regain the balance and stability that you and your partner have lost. Work through your issues so you can revive the passion and love that have been absent for a while. A past love could make an appearance in your life at the end of 2021. Be careful and don’t fall into the trap of toxic people.


Career. This year, you might face some challenges and hindrances at work. Massive change is coming your way, and some events might alter your entire path, but you will push through this period of time successfully. Although the beginning of the year might not be in your favor, it gets easier, and you will regain balance after looking closely into your partnerships and wisely assessing them. Do not be surprised by those who will drop their masks and show you their true colors.

Love. Your love life will be oscillating between acceptance and rejection, calmness and anger. You might face some challenges or pressure in your love life, but try to control your reactions and pin down what you need from your partner. If you want things to work out, you need to create a new pattern and communicate a decision you’ve been struggling with. Be flexible but firm at the same time.


Career. Be careful with money this year, and don’t rush into making hasty decisions. By the middle of the year, there will be an unexpected turn of events, and you will get support from someone who could change your entire career path. You have a good year overall, but don’t be stubborn. Be flexible, especially when making negotiations. You might get a job offer abroad or open a business with your partner.

Love. Your love might have been suffering for a while now. The year starts with some ups and downs that could make you consider separation or divorce, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In the middle of the year, you have the chance to change the toxic pattern by tending to your partner and communicating about what’s bothering you. Whatever you do, however, make sure to proceed with caution.


Career. Last year was filled with worries and anxiety, but you survived it, Libra. Your positive energy this year will open new doors to you, and you will receive income from new places, get a raise, or a new job. But be careful because someone in your team might cause you trouble. And if you want things to work in your favor, you have to be discreet about your plans.

Love. Brace yourselves, single Libras. This year, you will either meet the love of your life or you will rekindle a relationship with someone from your past. You will finally find the emotional stability you’ve been seeking for years. But stay aware, and don’t trust everyone because some people might want to jeopardize your relationship.


Career. This year might be a mix of disappointments and pleasure, but this won’t stop your fighting nature or enthusiasm. You will take on new projects with self-confidence, but you could be discreet about everything you’re doing. In 2021, you will have a lot of decisions to make, but don’t be risky, and think twice before taking any steps.

Love. Be aware of toxic patterns this year. Try to heal your wounds or any personal issues, so you won’t end up sabotaging your own relationship. Good things in your love life can happen, but only if you let them.


Career. Be careful about any decisions you make that are related to work. It will be a good year, but try to control your anger so you won’t clash with anyone at work. Compromise and flexibility are the best ways to solve any problems you might encounter in 2021. You might travel for business or get a new job.

Love. You can always have a happy relationship, but only if you let go of worry and anxiety. There might be some disappointments in your love life this year, but remember to not take things seriously and try to communicate without the need to win an argument. There’s an important twist in your love life that could lead to the happiness you have been seeking.


Career. In 2021, you will get a promotion, or make money from new projects or from a possible inheritance. You’re smart when it comes to dealing with partners, and you have the talent and power to persuade them. Through your willingness, you can reach your goals, but don’t let taking on more responsibilities distract you.

Love. This year, you will maintain a healthy relationship, and you will know how to keep it. You will enjoy romantic moments, but try to stay away from toxic behaviours, such as stubbornness or egotism. They could sabotage your relationships if you don’t work on yourself and learn how to deal with your emotions.


Career. This is the year to make amendments, plan a new life, and learn from the past couple of years. Despite your mood swings and tough attitude, you will overcome all your troubles. Be honest and clear about what you want, and don’t easily give up on your tasks. Most importantly, don’t be rushed into making decisions—better safe than sorry.

Love. It appears like you are always searching for love, but once you have it, you might indirectly sabotage it. This year, you might want to look within yourself instead of outside. Practice self-care, heal from any past heartbreaks, and create the space you need to build a healthy relationship.


Career. It might not be the best year, but it can be good enough through your right actions. Benefit from the opportunities that will come your way. Last year might have been tough, but it’s time to come out of your cocoon and get what you want. Think twice about all your decisions and take advantage of whatever comes your way.

Love. You might be feeling regretful over some past love, but it’s time to heal that wound. Take the chance if love presents itself to you, and be honest about how you feel. Move on, learn from past mistakes, and allow your new relationship to flourish.



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