January 10, 2021

How a Soul Regression Healed My Grief.

Every once in a while, we meet someone for the first time who feels remarkably familiar to us. It feels like we’ve known them our whole life.

At times, we confuse their name for an obscure one. And we question whether we’ve rendezvoused together in a dream. We may fall wildly in love with each other or form a kinship beyond explanation. It could be that destiny, fate, and all the stars aligned to bring us together—to learn from one another.

Traveling through time with another spirit or group of souls may seem unrealistic or something out of science fiction. However, after reading Many Lives Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss, it’s hard to believe this can’t be a possibility. The subjects in his book journey back within their consciousness to past lifetimes, under hypnosis.

This is considered a regression, and during the hypnosis, subjects connect with their loved ones (living and deceased). The lives and bodies they inhabit are different, but the love shared between them is the same. And when they awaken from the regression, most experience radical physical and emotional healing from the information they acquired.

In Messages from the Masters, Weiss’s latest book, the belief that our consciousness lives beyond our physical bodies becomes crystallized. He teaches us that our souls continue on and that life, therefore, is endless. He explains that time is not viewed how we see it, but rather in the spiritual lessons we learn.

“There is no end. Time is endless, so we never die; we were never really born.”

In hopes of understanding more, I performed a regression for myself. I self-recorded the regression meditation included within his book. And while listening, I fell into a deep, peaceful, semiconscious state. I traveled backward within this present lifetime to three separate time periods: young adult, young child, and to my time in the womb.

I was skeptical beforehand about the level of consciousness or memory I’d have. But the information I needed was illuminated. While in the womb, I learned of a constant wave of pure love. This sensation emanated directly from my mother. I could sense her elation and feel the immense joy she felt over her pregnancy.

This was a shocking revelation, though. Through the years, I’ve heard stressful stories about my mother’s pregnancy with me. My parents had a condition that prevented another pregnancy—they were cautious and tried to avoid conceiving a child. My brother had just been adopted when my mother discovered her pregnancy. I’d always assumed this was a trying time for her. Yet, with further investigation and from the meditation, I know otherwise now.

I hadn’t planned on being shown my mother’s experience during her pregnancy. But I understand why this shined through for me. Before the regression, I spent days feeling shaky and filled with grief over her passing.

For a short while, though, I was able to dance with her spirit. Sensing this phenomenon firsthand has helped soothe my heartache. I no longer view her death or any others as final. I discovered there is a fundamental life force in the universe and a transcendent healing energy—it is called, love.

I have come to realize that each one of us has a spiritual nature and a spiritual path. And even if we lose ourselves in the circumstances of our everyday lives, we are spiritual beings. We have soul mates and soul families awaiting us here—and beyond.

“For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding in human bodies.” ~ Dr. Brian Weiss



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