January 5, 2021

This Saturday: join me in making this “Anti-New Year’s Resolution.” ~ Waylon H. Lewis

This Saturday: the “Anti-New Year’s Resolution.”

If you’re stressed. If you’re defeated. If you’re ashamed. If you’re lost in the tides of change. If you’re falling apart. If you’re anxious. If you’re angry, if you’re sad. If you’re ready.

Many of us don’t make a New Year’s Resolution. Many of those of us who do fail at our New Year’s Resolutions. So we might be inclined to give up, to treat this month like any other.

But the instinct—to mark the passage of time by taking a fresh look at our lives—is a healthy one.

So how can we engage in something that, instead of merely “trying to be better,” which is a subtle form of self-aggression—invests our attention into something that we can do for the rest of this life?

Maitri is the practice of making friends with ourselves, as we are—so that we may then improve. It sounds nice—cuddly, sweet, like self-care—but it’s tough, like staying in a sauna longer than you’d like.

It’s vital to begin practicing maitri now, not later, so that we might build the rest of our lives on a foundation of friendship with ourself.

Otherwise we’ll be fighting ourselves for the rest of our lives. Wasting energy. Mired in ups and downs, in drama and self-concern.

Join me and 100s of Elephant Readers, worldwide, for the “Ultimate anti-New Year’s Resolution,” this Saturday, January 9th, at 10 a.m. (Register for access to video if you can’t join live).

We’ll only hold it if 500 of you sign up, so please step up—for yourself, for free. Please share it with your loves ones, your family. You can participate, free, from anywhere.

If we don’t actually learn and practice maitri, we’ll go through the rest of this life fighting with ourselves, and we’ll never fully show up for this life. No pressure!

Register here, free.

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