January 9, 2021

America, it’s Time for Justice to be Served.

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Justice, Not Reconciliation.

I’m done. 

I’m done trying to be patient and understanding. Done trying to attribute some kind of decent motive to Trump-ers, faithless and traitorous Republican leadership, and their deplorable followers. I’m done trying to bridge the gap and find common ground.

There is no common ground. You either believe in the Constitution or do not. You either believe in the United States’ core principles: equality for all, respect for all, and freedom for all. Or you do not. 

Lip service doesn’t count; I’m not interested in words, only actions.

I have no interest in understanding any who have supported this misogynistic, racist liar for the past four years. You have already shown you have no interest in truth or actual data. Facts are not your currency. Rather, you would propose we accept your made-up fiction as the new “alt-facts.” There can be no discussion when we can’t agree on basic data and basic truth. There is zero evidence of election fraud. If there was, the Supreme Court would’ve acted on it. That is the fact.

Those who have accepted, tolerated, endorsed, and perhaps even encouraged this administration’s behavior have no legitimate place in the national discussion or leadership. I have no interest in your opinion as it comes from a place of complete moral and ethical bankruptcy. All you have done is left us with countless dead citizens, a ruined reputation around the world, and a broken union.

At this moment, there is no United States of America. Given the current state of affairs, there may never be one again.

The divisiveness, whose seeds have been sown, nurtured, and cared for, has now produced its fruit. The harvest is coming in, and it is ugly beyond belief. All who have participated are guilty and must face the full consequences of the law.

For the faithless legislators from the Senate and House who objected to the election’s certification for no reason other than their own political advancement—let justice reign. 

For the thugs who stormed the Capitol carrying flags of long-dead enemies and insurrectionists—let justice reign. 

For the lying media talking-heads who knowingly spout lies for their ratings—let justice reign.

This is not the time for mercy or “second chances.” They’ve had more advantages and more chances than anyone. This is not the time for reconciliation. 

At least, not yet. They’ve clearly and unequivocally rejected that and virtually all calls to work together for many years. In fact, the Republican leadership publicly pledged to block every and all action President Obama put forward prior to even hearing it.

This is the time to clear out the rot, the disease, and the moral zombies—the ones who have shown that a United States that serves all its people is not their America.

It will be painful, but no more painful than what we have been through for the last four years (and the last few days, particularly). Use the laws that are on the books and apply them fully and equally—a single standard that applies equally for all. Fraud, lies, sedition, and corruption must be prosecuted, and the guilty should be sent to prison for the maximum legal sentences.

Actions have consequences. Words have consequences. Those who have spoken and acted with the president over that last four years must now bear the consequences of their stand. 

It’s not “good people” on both sides. Those who have broken our laws, threatened our health, trodden on the freedom of other citizens, and lessened us as a united nation need to be punished.

Let the message be clear to all: from now forward, your actions will have consequences, and you will bear them.

I’m done. I’m tired of giant Trump flags and blood-red MAGA hats flown and worn by uncaring people. I’m tired of watching this great country—the incredible vision it has always represented—being trampled on by people who claim the flag but reject the values it symbolizes.

I’m tired of coddling and trying to talk to those who listen to no words but their own and who will respect nothing but powerful action.

You stop a bully by standing up to them and punching them in the nose—not talking to them.

Lock them up!


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Read 3 comments and reply

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