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January 25, 2021

Lessons Learned at my Mother’s knee

January 25, 2020 Journal Entry
From the words and images on the table in Steve’s office and then taken to the mat

My Mother’s Knee
Floating in an ocean of healing waters
The salty brine of my tears become one with the sea
Swimming with the jelly fish, initiated into their tribe by their sting
One with the sea, one with the creatures of the sea
“And in thine oceans depths loves flow may richer, fuller be…”
A warm pocket of light surrounds me, giving me perspective on this dark night of the soul
An egg of light, keeping Hope Alive
The salty water holds me, cradles me and I surrender
Effortlessly, slowly trusting my safety into her arms, her bosom, cradled in her womb
No breath, no air – All is provided for me by my Heavenly Ancestors
The veil is thin now as they come to me
My mother’s blood runs through my veins, her waters flow through me and pool at my knee
As they did at hers
I resist, something’s wrong – This is my mother’s knee
I try to move the water with manmade remedies
They only mask the pain, the swell of water returns
Finally I go to my yoga mat for relief
The yoga flow is like the healing waters of the ocean coursing through my being
My body flows through vinyasa, finally to rest in savasana
The veil is thin and my Heavenly Ancestors speak to me
“The water is healer child. Do not resist.”
Ahh, yes…Lessons learned at my mother’s knee…

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