January 26, 2021

The Power of Perception & How it Influences the Way we Experience our Lives.


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“Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour. Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Own Your Mind

The rules of “life” need to be understood to become successful at living life fully and successfully in the real world, but often, the rules of life are based on following ethical expectation rather than embodying the truth of life beyond the delusion and illusion of one’s thinking and mind—which comes from our culture and conditioning. 

Connection and culture are both found in the deep of our hidden interpersonal world, which is based on best connection practices and in understanding the real contracts of contact, which hide the truth of hidden ambition and power—humanity’s modus operandum. This is the reality of life that no one talks or tells you about.

What were our parents talking about, spouting the best euphemisms for a moral life, a good-living, ethical life?

Most people are successful at becoming what is expected of them, never really jumping into their full-on aliveness or feeling the full intoxication of being alive.

The truth is that we are all avoiding reality in a system that dumbs down our uniqueness as human beings and the potential of our full creative power and energy. We are compliant and passive through our contribution to the dream of society that has nothing to do with our own true dream for ourselves; we live so much of our lives for our culture, family, education, and society without batting an eyelid. Living out patterns of so-called “right” or “good” behaviour.


Because this is seen as the norm. Mahatma Gandhi in the above quote advocates that, “Manners indeed maketh a man” in the real world. Its easier to promote what the world wants to hear rather than the dissonance offered by truth. The quote is just another good-living suggestion based on ethical presumption.

Why not let it all hang out, the real nitty-gritty of what makes us real human beings.

It’s that one percent that people and society hide from themselves and others that make this world really real. To put the world and society into perspective is simple; I use the example of a packet of tobacco and a society’s need to regulate finance.

The system and its hidden message can be seen in how it attains money from the need in the form of tax, and how it avoids spending money on any risks involved to health, by creating obvious warnings about health risks—power loves to look like it’s on your side.

The hidden message is: yes you are free, but we will charge you highly for that privilege—yet we will look good advising you to the contrary but, in truth, it costs too much in health care.

It’s not freedom that matters but rather, it’s the agenda around its abuse; this is the hidden truth of agendas. The world has become a sophisticated strategy machine pushing agendas. Everything is putting everything else in its box—how we should live. For example, your vibe gives you away; people are using vibes against each other—it’s a highly sophisticated form of love bullsh*t agenda.

Everybody’s trying to make the money to have a life; those working hard to get the money know the game because they have to waste their lives getting it. The rich can afford to play nice and say, “I’m free!” 

Selling acceptance to the masses in religion or today’s new religion is spiritual illusionist—that you too can have it all, and we have the sophisticated tools to help you discover how, but wait till the bonus at the very end while we take your details and scan and assess the analytics of your life.

We are trying to avoid the harsh nature of reality in this world whilst trying to put our dream onto it for a better life or existence, and all that goes on in that interplay that remains unspoken about. One needs to engage with cooperation and balance until they have the power of success and the money to fulfil their dream.

Mastery in the real world is found in decoding the interpersonal conundrum! How people work, the dynamics of interplay, and connection. Unfortunately, the unconscious that works in this reality is harsh and hides the deeply hidden ambition of others and self. To become successful at surfing connection in life one really must look at becoming neutral and receptive to any experience; in fact, to embrace failure as a good friend is to constantly keep the focus on one’s original intention and ambition for a true and authentic life.

Each life is for and given for oneself—not an idea of a God or an idea of a culture but for one’s self-liberation from that, and self-realisation. To begin to live freely, one must observe the darker side of reality, the harsh nature of the real world, without the illusion of marketing, religion, culture, or social history.

To be successful at life, one must look to hidden observations in the game of life of that nobody tells you about. The truth is, once you become successful at understanding the nature of reality and games people play, you no longer need to play them or pretend to take any polarity or position because you are true to your own energy and desire for your life. Once you have clarified your desire, the distortions of the world no longer seem valid and you can be authentic. There is no need to hide or manipulate or control outcomes because you are finally true to yourself and your life energy. 

The first thing to observe if we want to become successful at life is to understand the nature of one’s subjective experience and, therefore, our own mind and its thought processes. The basic truth is that everyone is coming from and reacting to their own mind, its perceptions and delusions that we are simply reacting to this space or understanding of reality.

Perspective offers a funnel that looks through the lens of experience; there can be many ways of seeing and understanding reality—this is often externally offered as a means to change or see the limits of our perception. The problems arise in the way we perceive life, and how we project that version of reality onto the world.

The problems with mind always come from our own unique perception of any event or happening, always stemming from our own inner lens of subjective experience. I liken the difference between our subjective and objective experience to that of a tree and a person—we cannot know how the tree feels because we have not had the experience of being a “tree.”

Tolstoy, in Three Deaths, contrasts the death of two human deaths and the death of a tree. How the two human perceptions of death were based on their living and learnings in life, and how each experience mirrored the other’s subjective life experience and reality. The tree, on the other hand, was observed objectively from the space of emptiness, a passing into the void, one of ease, without clinging to any sense of its own mortality or morality—just living the natural cycles of its life.

Perception stems from our own subjective life; it is how we view the world as safe or hostile. 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” ~ William Blake

Perception is the ultimate destroyer of truth, and limits our capacity to become successful at living a true and pure life, in the sense of a clarified aliveness that is real to one’s energy and desire.

Perception is one’s own skewed twist on reality.

It is the experience of the mind’s own survival strategy. So becoming aware of the radiance of one’s mind is the first step toward understanding reality. 


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