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January 14, 2021

Spring love

Love’s bloom
She is standing, naked and alone,
Every now and then, stirred by the wind.
But it’s a cold wind
That has stripped her of her youthfulness,
Her outer beauty.
She is gray and brittle,
And in her eyes, you see nothing.
Her soul is bare, much like her limbs,
Stripped down, nothing to hide behind.
But soon….
She will feel the breath of her lover
Blowing gently over her.
The warmth of his smile
Beaming down on her, his gentle touch on her brittle skin
Bringing life back in to her body.
Her essential energy begins to flow again
Coursing through her entire being
Bringing flame and fire.
Igniting a passion so deep, that the beauty that lay dormant within
Begins to emerge.
Slowly at first, but building
Until she can contain it no longer,
Bursting forth into glorious splendor.
The beautiful, pink blush of love
Life returning to her branches
Dripping with cherry blossoms

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