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February 16, 2021

5 Steps to creating more of what you really want!

How do you shift away from a life that isn’t bringing you joy anymore?

Is it as simple as turning off, or shutting down, unplugging for a bit? It can be. It comes down to a few basic principles, and it isn’t anything new.

  • Prepare the space and mind so it can connect with your desires.
  • Start with the end in mind.
  • Heal, forgive and let go of the limiting beliefs, fears and restraints. Many aren’t actually yours, to begin with, and so living someone else’s expectations.

1.  Let’s begin:

Turn of distractions – those things, people, noise, media etc that take you away from peace and leads you towards feeling unsettled.

Shut down the thinking processes with meditation and prayer. At a minimum deep, focused breathing.

Unplug by walking away, being in nature, hang out with children or pets, letting go of the drama and people/situations that create it.

2.  Detail the best of the situations and develop your focus towards this.
Who do you want to be?
What do you want to be doing?
What does this look, feel and sound like?
What are you doing, being and experiencing?
What sounds are you hearing, who is saying what about you?

Make it all positive.

3. List all the negative thoughts, resistance feelings and logics as to why it is not possible.

4. Read, feel and say in turn the negative you have listed and do the following:

  • The forgiveness prayer for each limiting belief and fear that came through.
    Tap it out
  • In your mind’s eye, hand them over to your highest source and thank them for removing these from your thought and energy field.
  • Delete, de-story and un-create all things across all time, dimensions and space

5. Then, reread the good things you choose to create to fill the void. Max out the great feelings you are going to feel as these things come to fruition.

Give it a go for a min of 10 days, and see how quickly your world starts to change because you are changing.

If you are unsure what the steps are or how to complete them, they are part of the RecaimME! Spring Clean program
Message me and I can share the details with you.

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