February 1, 2021

7 Somewhat Surprising Reasons for Feeling Bloated & the Best Fix, For Good. {Partner}

This article is written in partnership with The Nue Co. They’re dedicated to making supplements that are kind to people and the planet. We’re honored to work with them. ~ ed.

Bloating and breakouts have a lot in common.

They both seem to come on suddenly, without warning, and you feel like everyone notices. Your stomach seems like it’s doubled in size, and you get that “stuffed,” uncomfortable feeling.

The good news is that, like breakouts, there are ways to reduce bloating both immediately and long-term.

To do this, we need to understand what causes it in the first place. Then, if we want permanent relief rather than a temporary fix, we need to play the long-game with our guts. Consistency is the secret most of us miss when it comes to supplements, say the microbiome-savvy folks at The Nue Co.

For example, their bestseller, DEBLOAT +  acts fast, using digestive enzymes to help your stomach break down food, and organic turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger to relieve bloating, pain, and gas. However, for long-term benefits, most people see positive changes after 30-60 days.

It’s also easy to assume our food or eating habits are to blame. And often, that is the case. But when there’s no rich meal or wonky meal schedule to point the finger at, the gut gurus at The Nue Co. say it’s worth considering other lifestyle factors, too.

Here are 7 Reasons (some Surprising) why you may be Feeling the Bloat:

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1. Skipping meals

Just like acne, one of the main causes of bloating is diet. But it’s not just caused by overeating, which does attribute to bloating; in fact, skipping meals can even be a factor.

If you’re constantly missing breakfast or lunch, your body searches for something to digest. When it is unable to find what it’s looking for, creates gas, which leads to bloating. And worse: if you’re skipping one meal in order to eat a larger one later in the day, your stomach can get overwhelmed, creating additional bloat.

2. Skinny jeans

It may sound odd at first, but wearing tight pants can give you a sense of bloating due to the pressure on your abdomen. As your stomach naturally relaxes and contracts throughout the day, wearing constrictive clothing—like skinny jeans—makes stomach pressure increasingly noticeable and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for looser fitting clothes especially when you know you’re in for a rich meal.


One major cause is food that contains FODMAPS, which stands for “fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides, and polyols.” You can see why it’s abbreviated.

FODMAPS are short-chain carbohydrates (as opposed to “complex carbohydrates) that resist being digested and are then fermented in our colon by gut bacteria.

While some individuals have no problems digesting foods that contain FODMAPS, others (especially those with IBS) find that another type of gas is formed during the FODMAPS’ digestion process, leading to symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, cramping, and even diarrhea. They are generally found in food that contains lactose, fructose, fructans, galactans, and polyols—think dairy, wheat, lentils, onions.

Cutting down on these foods—may ease your uncomfortable digestive issues and reduce bloating.

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4. Stress

We already know stress has negative effects, but did you know it’s also closely tied to your gut health? Stress signals slow down the blood flow to your digestive system which can leave you backed up and bloated. We can’t avoid stress altogether, but it’s worth looking into practices that could help you best manage it, such as exercise, getting enough sleep, or taking up yoga.

The Nue Co. founder, Jules Miller, explains how important it is to make addressing this one our top gut health priority: “Stress is a big disruptor of good gut health. Your gut produces over 90% of the body’s serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood, appetite, sleep, memory, and sexual desire. Maintaining your stress levels through meditation, exercise or even making time for the things you enjoy, such as socializing with friends, will help keep your gut in check.”

And while we have to keep socializing virtual or at a safe distance as much as possible for a while to come, you’ll feel anti-stress results immediately from products like FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCE as it uses scent as one of the fastest ways to alter your emotional state. To help with the physical symptoms of stress, their MAGNESIUM EASE is absorbed rapidly through the skin and ideal before bed as a sleep aid or post-workout to help speed up muscle recovery.

5. Salt

Salt is essential for our bodies to function as it helps with the transmission of nerve impulses, maintaining fluid balance, and even the contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers. That being said, it needs to be consumed in moderation. Too much salt in your diet can cause your body to retain more water than it needs, causing bloating.

6. Sedentary lifestyle

Desk jobs require many of us to sit for extended periods of time on a daily basis. Excessive sitting or lying down after a meal causes your GI tract to slow down which stalls the digestive process and can aid the onset of bloating. Taking a walk after a meal allows the digestive tract to move food through your stomach at a faster rate which in turn, will help to get things moving.

If you experience bloating regularly, your gut health is probably out of whack, too. Get fast-acting relief as you work on those healthy habits >>

7. Straws, eating on the go, and that gum habit

Yep, straws aren’t just bad for the environment. As it turns out, using straws (even eco-friendly versions) may actually contribute to your bloating.

When we eat too fast it’s easy for excess air to be swallowed which can cause your stomach to balloon. Try to remove yourself from common distractions (cue: computers and mobile) when it’s mealtime, and practice mindful eating. Not only will this help you become more aware of how fast you’re eating, but when you chew your food properly, it helps improve your digestion.

Similar to eating quickly, when you chew gum, you could be swallowing air that can cause a build-up of gas in the abdomen. Many types of gum also contain artificial sweeteners which can contribute to bloating. If you’re an avid gum chewer but also find you bloat easily, try cutting back or switching from a sugar-free option to see if this may be the cause of your stomach discomfort.

Swallowing too much air, whether through chewing gum, eating or drinking too quickly, or using straws, allows additional air to make its way into your intestines, similar to the way that the gas from carbonated beverages would. The result? You guessed it: bloating.

The Best Fix for Bloating, For Good.

Okay, so you’ve cut back on the gum chomping, you’re wearing your relaxed cut jeans, and you’ve switched to non-dairy milk. (Yay, you!)

The bad news? You’re probably still going to struggle with bloat unless you address the health of your gut microbiome, properly and permanently.

Eating a healthy diet is the first, and most important step to ensure your gut stays well-stocked with friendly, bloat-flighting bacteria. However, that can be tricky to do consistently. And, when it comes to gut health, consistency is key. So, we supplement.

But, here’s the next problem: with a million and one different probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzyme combinations out there, how do we know what’s the best anti-bloating combo?

This is where The Nue Co.’s bestselling blend of seventeen digestive enzymes and ayurvedic extracts comes in. Simply and aptly named DEBLOAT+, its ingredients were proven in a third-party clinical trial to reduce bloating, upper abdominal pain, gas, and heartburn by 51% in 30 days.

Ultimately, to restore your gut health long-term, you need a daily dose of good bacteria. PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC (a combination that’s more effective than probiotics alone and known as a synbiotic) delivers 15 billion spores per dose and was formulated specifically to help combat symptoms of IBS and long-term digestive issues, and to improve general gut health.

Rather than using a live strain of probiotics, they use spore-based bacteria for a couple of reasons. First is that these spores lie dormant until they’re “activated” in your small intestine. Second, this means no risk of bacteria dying in transit (or sitting on a shelf for months), plus its room-temperature stable, so no refrigeration necessary.

The Nue Co. blends science and natural innovation to make supplements with ingredients that do not harm people or the planet. Their formulas are free from toxic preservatives, additives, flavorings, and sweeteners, and their ingredients are responsibly sourced, with 95% of their materials being infinitely recyclable. They’re working on the other 5%. (Yay, them!)

They firmly believe in turning to food first because nothing works better. (Preach!)

That said, their effective, yet gentle supplements have got your back (and your belly) on those gimme anything but healthy food days, high-stress days, Netflix marathon days, and simply-gotta-get-into-my-skinny-jeans days.

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“I can feel my gut deflating and the relief in pressure is great.” ~ Jordan


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