February 7, 2021

9 Key Things to Help us Move Toward Alignment & Flow.

It was a normal, pandemic-style evening.

I was resting at the end of the day, watching home improvement shows, and scrolling through social media on my phone. A post about mindfulness caught my attention, so I clicked through to read the story. The story was interesting, and then I got to one section that hit me hard. It was a sign.

My body felt like it had been struck by a small bolt of lightning. Inspiration bubbled up from my core—and I knew I had to get moving. In that moment, while my body was still buzzing, I sat at my computer and started writing. The words started to flow. I was in a flow state.

This is what it feels like to be in alignment and flowing; it’s normal and extraordinary at the same time.

Inner work and a spiritual journey

For the past couple of years, I’ve been on a mission to get out of my head and into my heart. It was so important; I made it my theme for 2020. Since then, I’ve been on an inner journey that, without even trying, has led me to inner alignment and flow.

Being in the flow of my life was never the intention. It just seemed to happen. It was the result of doing my own inner shadow work and starting my spiritual journey. The two merged, creating a flow state.

All of what I’m about to share is what I did that created this alignment and flow for me. Remember, though, each path is unique. Our paths will be different. Use this framework to assist you in finding inner alignment and flow, whatever that means for you. May it be of service to you on your path.

What is Inner Alignment and Flow?

Inner alignment is being clear with our thoughts, taking care of our body, and nourishing our souls. It’s being aligned with our values. It’s what our highest self wants for us—what’s best for us, mind, body, and soul. It’s a balance. It feels like inner peace and wisdom.

Flow is living our lives in the energy of our highest self. Living in the flow of life, in the flow of the Universe, God, Source, or Spirit (UGSS, in short), in the flow of the energies of the day, in the flow of thoughts, in the flow of our bodies. It’s how our balanced inner self flows through life. It feels like ease.

How to Move Toward Inner Alignment and Flow:

1. Meditation

Tune in. Begin the conversation, introduce yourself. It doesn’t require going deep for long sits, but we can if that serves us. A practice of finding brief periods of presence several times per day can help us tune in. Mindful meditation, walking meditation, laying down meditation, body scans—they all help. There are many forms of meditation. We can choose what resonates and works for us.

2. Do the inner work

We must go deep and dissolve as much resistance as we can. Resistance is friction and inhibits flow. It may feel like peeling an onion, layer upon layer. As one layer comes off, another layer presents itself. It’s okay, we get stronger with each one. And as we go deeper, we create more space for alignment.

3. Maximise self-care

Physical self-care is beautiful. We also need emotional and spiritual self-care. The point is a balance of mind, body, soul, in whatever proportions feel right for us.

4. Prioritise self-reflection

This is to gain an understanding of our thoughts and our motivations. It’s a practice of clearing unhelpful energies and maintaining a high vibration.

5. Release attachment to outcomes

Trying to control the outcomes blocks energy flow and inhibits input from UGSS. Let go. Get curious. Be brave and see where you go. Remember, we are here to enjoy the journey.

6. Trust

The UGSS is conspiring for us. Trust it even when we don’t understand where it’s taking us. Know that it will show up when we’re ready for it, whether we know we’re ready or not. Trust that your path is always underneath your feet even during the challenging periods in your life.

7. Develop intuition

Get quiet, inner and outer quiet. Intuition speaks in a whisper. Sometimes it’s a felt sense or knowing rather than a voice. With practice, we will be able to tune in, and it will become clearer.

8. Increase vibration

We have almost unlimited options to raise our frequency. Music, singing, dancing, expressions of gratitude, and self-love—all increase vibration. This doesn’t mean that we are “good vibes only” all the time. It means that when we are challenged, and our vibration is low, we know how to increase our vibration. Think of your whole being as the instrument through which you will have conversations with UGSS, and the vibration is the language.

9. Be open to signs and signals

Be discerning; not everything is a sign. The sensations in our bodies will confirm that there is a sign. Take notes on the experiences, the feelings in your body, synchronicities you perceive, gut feelings, what your heart is saying—all of it. A pattern will emerge, and you will know how to vet and navigate future signs and signals.

Moving Forward.

All of these are practices, intentions, and ways of tuning into our inner selves, and to the UGSS, they are not destinations. They are not goals for us to attain. It’s more like a way of being. A way for us to balance our lives and balance our chakra energies. A way for us to align and flow.

Like people say, “The answers are inside of us.” We just need to tune our minds, bodies, and souls to hear them.

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