February 14, 2021

A Love Letter to Everyone & Everything that Made me Who I Am Today.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t for lovers. It’s for all those who love—and that’s all of us.” ~ Waylon Lewis


I still recall how my mother used to get us gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Back then, it used to frustrate me because they weren’t from a “boyfriend.” I do not blame myself now for being so foolish then, since I grew up in a world that has always associated love to romantic relationships.

It took me years and multiple experiences to grasp the true meaning of the word. Hence, I can say it is the first time that I’m truly celebrating love, just like I will keep celebrating it every day for the rest of my life.

Although I am alone in my bedroom, I am not lonely—and I’ve never felt so loving and loved. While listening to Beethoven, I am writing a love letter to everyone and everything that makes my life so full.

I love you (three words that become cheap when often used insincerely, but I mean them) tremendously, and I am so blessed to share my life with you.


My Highest Companion,

It took me a lifetime to feel Your presence, although You’ve always been there.

There are no words that express what I feel for You—the center of my being, the goodness in me, my joy, my healer, the source of peace, guidance, purpose, and inspiration, the light of my path, the one and only, my rock, and my sustainer.

I finally understand what it means when people write “my everything” on their social media post because you are mine.


My Dear Family,

I’ve always referred to myself as an outcast and a lone wolf. You tried your best to make me feel that I do belong, but I just couldn’t. Today, I finally do. I belong to my small but amazing, not-so-perfect (I wouldn’t have it any other way) family of four.

I belong to my other bigger families that make me feel that I do belong, and for that, I truly love you with all my “dysfunctional” heart —my work family, my family of friends, my community (my Elephant Journal family), my spiritual family, my fur family (all animals), my green family (every part of nature), and my human family—yes, the entire humanity.

Aren’t we all from the same soul and connected after all? I hope I will get to give you as much as you’ve given me—an abundance of love.


My World of Words,

Thank you for always being there for me when everyone leaves. How can I not celebrate you when you were the reason that guided me to my path? My dear books, my writing, and my words, I love you. I gladly share my place and my bed with you, and whoever comes later will learn to share me with you.


Last but not Least, my City, Beirut,

You brought me pain and hardships as much as you brought me love and joy, and if this is not true love, then I do not know what is.

You broke me, and it was the only way for the light to enter.

I will never deny that I am who I am thanks to you.

Like a tattoo, you are etched into my being. I found my path when I followed yours, and in your streets, I found my long-lost voice. I owe you every ounce of dignity and freedom I have. I will always remember the first time I saw you and heard your voice, which still makes my heart skip a beat.

There, by your blue mosque, I came to life the day I was reborn at the sound of demonstrators blending with the Adhan while the church bells were ringing. No place in the world can fill your place in my heart. No one and nothing have so much sadness, wisdom, history, pain, and joy bound all together to make me feel the way I do.

Out of and above everyone and everything, I’d choose you, over and over again. Now I understand why so many people are in love with you, and why I wouldn’t mind sharing your charm. No matter how cheesy this will sound, I will have to say it: if I am ever asked to define love, I’d simply point to you.



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Read 24 comments and reply

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