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February 9, 2021

Choices create your life! True or False?

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Does this sound true to you…. “I create and have choice in how my life is unfolding?”

Choice is a decision. Simple in truth, but often a challenge to come to these decisions. We have so many parts in our past, others we need to consider, possible outcomes etc that are weighed up. But we still have the choice. In the end, a decision is made and that becomes the choice we live with.

Recently, I reflected back on the stepping stones that have create the life I live now. It was in interesting indulgence of seeing the struggles, and the opposing triumphs show through on a specific journey point – my book What the Mind Sees, the Body Feels, Creates and Attracts. This all started because I popped into Harry Hartog, the local bookstore that has my book on consignment sale. The result of this decision was them asking for three more copies!!!! Not sure about how you might react if a bookseller asked for more copies of your book, but I was touched and excited and certainly on a high for the rest of the day.

On the drive home, I reflected on the stepping stones that brought this highlight into my life. I chose to see the stages and the various aspects of my life and it went like this:

  • I chose to challenge my beliefs and WTF I was doing in my life all those 20 odd years ago I wouldn’t have explored a different type of thinking, feeling and healing.
  • I stopped being trapped in a victim void of self hatred poisoning more than I already had. I predict my life would have ended much sooner, as I had already attempted three times.
  • I chose to stand up and be accountable for my life, my thoughts, my consequences what I was co-creating with family and friends over the years asked me to get very, very real.
  • I chose to hear The Universe’s prompts, through my clients asking for my first book I wouldn’t have starting the writing and publishing journey.
  • I chose to explore my past and learn how to not personalise all that others said and did;
    learn to see other’s points of view and
    see they too are doing the best they can with the resources and fears they have. This realisation has enabled me to have much more empathy, compassion and patience with others.
  • It was my choice to challenge myself to live from a space of love, the best I can in the moment, while still self respecting, bringing comfort to many others and helping them to feel something different in this world of shut down.
  • I chose to follow my gut instincts, while learning to unravel from my mind, ego and fears, resulting in many interesting discussions, lessons and experiences I would never have had if I stayed stuck.
  • I chose to come home to me, and not rely on others for my peace, joy and sense of connection has made my life fuller and richer.
  • I chose to listen to the voice telling me to sit down and write again. To put my thoughts onto paper, share it with the world. This process alone opened up a world of insights for me, has been incredibly healing and supportive to those who have read it.

My book What the Mind Sees has gone international and is being noticed in wider circles than I would have thought possible. Listening to and trusting ‘that voice’ that always has my best intent at heart is the easiest choice maker process there is.

Life is a series of choices. Each micro second we are asked to make a choice, and so we literally are given millions of opportunities to make a life changing choices. The question then arises… do you make them consciously or from a knee jerk, hidden, limiting belief that holds you back and in a painful holding pattern of a unfulfilled life?

Yes, I just chose to write what my little voice told me. Life doesn’t change unless we choose to accept the challenges that come with change. It is a process, a journey and one that takes us deep into ourselves, asking us to clean out parts of our past. We are to prune the dead, unneeded, unhealthy and intrusive parts that interfering with our life now. It isn’t a punishment, it is about growing strong, enabling the life force to flow into our life with greater purpose and ease, so the fruits of our labour are abundant and strong.

As with a good garden clean up, there is work to be done. Planning, and at times booking in helpers along the way. At times you may need to rip out larger plants, boulders or dead trunks to make space for the new plants to grow. Not always easy, but so needed to ensure your garden grows as you intend. The same with our life. We must clean up our inner space, remove the dead and wasted areas so our life bears the fruits of what we choose to be in character and action.

Challenging isn’t it?

What are your choices from here? Are you going to choose to play it safe and small, or are you going to reach out and ask for help to increase your self awareness and create your life on Your Terms!?
Do you find the work too much, too hard, to confronting, too scary, then hire in a professional to guide, support and help you.

Start with imagining what you would like your life to look, feel and be like.
Sit in a quite space, regularly, and reconnect with your inner voice that is your highest wisdom.
Listen to a guided meditation that helps you re-connect with yourself again. Share your insights and lessons with the FB Group so we can all benefit from your inspired messages.
Hop onto and book a quick chat session to clarify how I can support your self awareness journey.

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